The Comedy Vault – Milton Jones Live.

It seems that Milton Jones has appeared on TV since the mid-90s, but the first time that I can remember him making an impact in a programme was when his severed head starred in the 2000 sitcom The Strangerers. He has also been successful on radio, around the time that digital station BBC7 launched I noticed some of his award-winning The Very World Of Milton Jones series were being repeated which I didn’t hear first time round, but I thought “I remember that name from somewhere” so I thought I’d give them a listen and I became a big fan.

It is rather difficult to describe Milton Jones’s style of comedy. I suppose that he does enjoy his wordplay and silliness in a similar style to Tim Vine, although his observations are more surreal (and Welsh) than dear old Tim’s. One of his jokes that is a good example of what he does is: “about a month before he died, my grandmother covered my grandfather’s back in oil. Well, after that he went downhill very quickly.”

Although I am not really a big fan of stand-up comedy, when Milton released some DVDs of his live act it was an easy decision to make as to whether I wanted to watch them, and there have been three released so far. The first one was called The Live Universe Tour, where we find out about Milton’s adventures and the world, and it also features a very funny observation about Birmingham. He also wears a nice shirt. vlcsnap-00045

The second DVD was called The Lion Whisperer. Although there are no lions involved, there are still lots of great moments, and we also have a lovely turn from Milton’s granddad who introduces himself as “hello there, my name is Milton Jones’s Grandfather”. We are also treated to a slideshow which features some of his Milton’s terrific artwork. Can you believe that he really drew those things himself. vlcsnap-00046

The third DVD was called On The Road. As well as the usual fun, there’s a triumphant return for Milton’s granddad, and we see some more of his terrific artwork alongside yet another bunch of weird and very funny jokes. It’s more of the same really but in this case that’s certainly no bad thing. It’s just so totally daft, and we really wouldn’t want him any other way. vlcsnap-00048

It is a shame that Milton Jones isn’t a bigger comedy name because of some of his shows are terrific. He is probably best known nowadays for his contributions to shows including BBC2’s Mock The Week, and he also did a pilot episode of a sitcom on Channel 4 a few years ago which was great but nothing more came of it unfortunately, and he continues to be a success on Radio 4, with more series including Another Case Of Milton Jones, and Thanks A Lot Milton Jones, the most recent series of which aired this year. I don’t know if there are any plans for any more live DVDs to be released but I really hope we’ll see some more from this fab funnyman one day.

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