More TV Memories – Bid Best Bits – Part 2.

In the Bid-Up days there used to be a feature called Speed Auctions, where items were sold much more quickly, with auctions lasting roughly about five minutes in instead of ten. The idea was that after about a couple of minutes a hooter would go off, and however far they were through their description of the item, the presenter had to run back to the gavel and take bids for a couple more minutes before closing the auction.

Of course, when it was Peter Simon’s turn to do some Speed Auctions, it was clear that it was going to be something worth watching and it definitely was. By the end of his first hour he was saying about the hooter “that’s starting to get on me nerves now”, by the end of his second hour, he was saying that he would run back to the gavel, but only if he had the energy left, complaining “I don’t think I can keep this up much longer”, and by the end of his shift he really did look completely exhausted, and because he was unable to keep up with the faster pace he fell over one at least one occasion.

So on one memorable occasion Peter decided to deal with this as only he could. Because he was so tired and had been sweating so much, he decided to start an auction by taking his trousers off, complaining that “me trousers are soaked through!”. He then walked over to the next item and carried on as normal, and I can only imagine the chaos that this was causing with the production team, with Peter saying “one of the cameramen has just proposed to me”.

Before the end though he was persuaded to put his trousers back on, and as he was doing so, someone with terrific comic timing decided that this should be the moment for the hooter to go off, so Peter had to treat us to his famous camp run back to the gavel while still trying to do up his zip, but he eventually managed to pull everything back together, while informing us “the hairs on my legs are stood up now” and cackling. It goes without saying that no-one else can do live TV like Peter and it was one of the funniest moments that I’ve seen on Bid. vlcsnap-01189

I’ve got lots more great Peter moments to share with you soon, including the time he emotionally sold a figurine of himself. You have been warned.

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