More TV Memories – Bid Best Bits – Part 1.

I have already written on here about my memories of the channels Bid TV and Price-Drop TV and how much I used to enjoy watching them, so I have decided to share some of my favourite moments. Before Bid became a bog-standard shopping channel, there were some great and unusual moments which really fitted my sense of humour. These memories probably won’t mean much to too many people, but better out than in as they say, and I might as well share them here because it’ll give you something of an insight into the channel and what I’ve spent time doing with my life, and well, no-one else is going to, are they. A lot of these moments will of course feature Peter Simon, but what might be my all-time favourite moment on Bid actually happened with another great presenter Andy Hodgson. So here’s the story…

For a while Andy used to have a feature that he called “Products For Peanuts”, where he insisted that they would sell an item in his shift for less than they bought it in for. (In the desperate final months presenters seemed to insist this about every item, but this was at the time when such a statement on the channel could still be believable.) He would tease this for about half an hour. Every time the price went down on an item, he would say “is it this one?”, and when it wasn’t he would say “no, it’s not this one, but that’s still a good deal”.

He would do this until the end of his shift, and when it finally came, and the price went down to something daft on an item like about £7.36, he would become amusingly over-excited, and start shouting “it’s this one, it’s this one, it’s products for peanuts, run to the phone quickly, blimey!”, and on at least one occasion he started waving a chair round, and I was amused by this messing about and thought well that’s all rather good.

But one night Andy started doing this whole routine, and he started throwing his arms around and running around the studio, and saying that we should grab the phone and everything as usual, and he was so overcome he suddenly shouted “I’m as giddy as a kipper!“. This was such a bizarre turn of phrase, and one that I haven’t heard anyone use before or since, and I really did think that he had gone crazy for real for a brief moment and I just thought “wow” at someone acting like this on live TV.

My next thought was “is that a northern expression?” because Andy is from Burnley as he used to like to tell us every five minutes, and I imagine that various parts of the UK have their own slang. But it was just all so odd even by its own standards that it really was a remarkable moment that I haven’t forgotten. It really did make me laugh out of shock and disbelief as much as humour. vlcsnap-00321

Terrific. Join me for another Bid TV memory soon, when I’ll tell you about the time Peter Simon decided to take his trousers off…


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