The Year In Review – Part 2.

I had been online for many years before in 2011 I decided to join YouTube and upload my collection of videos featuring adverts and various shows. When people whose videos I had enjoyed started to comment on them and tell me how much they liked them I was very pleased, I felt that I had earned the respect of my peers and been accepted as a classic TV fan and that was great.

Then a few years later I joined Twitter and that was also a success and I now have over 600 followers. I then made a New Year’s resolution last year to begin a blog so I could write about some of my favourite memories of the various things that have shaped my life on a website all of my own and again I have been pleased with the progress.

The original plan was to do the equivalent of a piece a day with eventually 365 pieces being posted in a year, although I have fallen a little short of that I am still pleased with what I have achieved. I didn’t really have a target for how many views I would like to receive but I have ended up with just over 21,000 views from people in various countries around the world and I really am flattered in your interest.

I have also had almost 100 likes and almost 100 comments on my pieces, it’s always great to hear from you if you do have anything to add. My most viewed piece is on The Chart Show, I’m not sure why, I am a big fan of the show and maybe people are anticipating that I might upload some more clips but unfortunately I don’t have any at the moment.

What are my plans for the blog in 2016? Just to carry on really, I still have more that I want to tell you about. I must say though that the pieces might be less frequent from now on because putting them together is time consuming and I want to do a few other things now. I shall try to still bring you about two or three pieces a week and I’ll continue to let you know what I’m up to on Twitter for the latest updates.

All that it remains for me to say for now is once again thank you for your support throughout the year, it does mean a lot to me, and I hope that you will all have a Happy New Year and continue to share your memories of classic TV and many other things with me and lots of other people. See you again soon!

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