Game Show Memories – Bullseye Christmas Special.

The long-running game show Bullseye was popular enough to have several Christmas specials, and this review is based on the 1988 one. First of all, we get an amended title sequence where our hero Bully flies around on a dart and collides with a Christmas pudding instead of a dartboard which is a nice variation, and then host Jim Bowen comes on in his best bowtie and it’s clear that the studio features lots of Christmas decorations and everyone’s got their party hat on so this will be a great occasion. vlcsnap-01672

As it’s a special there are some variations to the regular rules. It’s a celebrity special and they are all playing for charities. The three teams consist of a celebrity alongside a professional dart player, and what a line up it is, as all the celebrities are game show hosts, with Catchphrase‘s Roy Walker, Blockbusters‘ Bob Holness and Family Fortunes‘ Les Dennis taking part, and they are paired with such stars on the oche as Jocky Wilson and The Crafty Cockney himself Eric Bristow. And Jim is helped out by not only Tony Green but also Marti Caine who keep the scores. vlcsnap-01673

The first round as ever is the category board. Will the celebrities who usually ask the questions be able to answer them on this occasion? The good news for them is that the money on offer has been increased. After the first round everyone is doing well, and this is where they take the first advert break. Rather pleasingly, Bully actually writes on the board “END OF PARTY ONE”. vlcsnap-01674

The second part features the Pounds For Points round. Again, with professionals playing lots of money is won, and it ends as a tie between Bob and Les. They can’t both go through of course so there’s a play-off and it’s good news for Bob and Eric as they make it to Bully’s Prize Board. So sadly we’ve got to say cheerio to the other two teams for now but they’ve still won lots of money. vlcsnap-01675

Part three beings with a special treat as Tony Green takes the Charity Throw, as he also did in the first series, and again there’s lots of money won. Now it’s time for Bully’s Prize Board. Bob and Eric show off their throwing skills on the board and win lots more prizes for charity. Then it’s time for the gamble, which again is slightly different. 
As ever it’s 101 or more in six darts, but if they win, the prize money that they won earlier will be doubled. And well it was never really in any doubt really and Bob and Eric easily complete the challenge, marvellous. And then Jim has a go himself and the money gets doubled again so everyone ends up really pleased. This was a fun variation on Bullseye, and several more Christmas specials were made over the years, with many more celebrities and professionals taking part, and these were always fun to watch as well.

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