Musical Memories – 6 February 2005.

Time to have another look back at a top 100 singles chart, this time the date picked at random is 6 February 2005 which is almost 11 years ago now. Let’s go back then…

1 (new entry) “Like Toy Soldiers” – Eminem. This is a chart-topper that I only really remember because it sampled “Toy Soldiers” by Martika which was a hit in 1989 which led to everyone saying “who’s Martika?”. Honestly.

4 (down 2) “Only U” – Ashanti. One of my favourite singers around at this time, this was one of Ashanti’s biggest hits in the UK which is something that I was really pleased about. 38478-raw

16 (down) “Shine” – Lovefreekz. Another great dance hit, this one sampled ELO’s “Shine A Little Love”, but again I don’t remember this act having any more hits. Terrific video, too.

26 (up 14) “One Night”/”I Got Stung” – Elvis Presley. Something rather odd happened in the singles chart at the start of 2005. The decision was made to re-release all 18 of the Elvis singles that topped the UK chart one week at a time, and some of them topped the chart again, including this one, meaning that this is officially the 1,000th UK Number One single.

30 (down 2) “Strings Of Life (Stronger On My Own)” – Soul Central featuring Kathy Brown. Another great dance song that sampled Rhythim Is Rhythim’s 1989 hit “Strings Of Life” with additional lyrics added. 

45 (down 16) “What You Waiting For” – Gwen Stefani. The debut solo single from Gwen who was also the frontwoman of No Doubt. I was a big fan of a lot of Gwen’s solo singles including this one which made the top ten. 38090-raw

83 (down 7) “My My My” – Armand Van Helden. This is another song that had a second wave of success a couple of years after it was originally released when it was re-released with additional lyrics, and both versions are great.

92 (down 8) “Put ‘Em High” – Stonebridge featuring Therese. Another dance classic, and pleasingly the follow-up “Take Me Away” also features on the chart in this week and was a big success too.

Well that’s the end of this look back at some of the best songs on this chart for now. There’ll be more musical memories on here soon.

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