The Comedy Vault – The IT Crowd.

The IT Crowd (Channel 4, 2006-2013)

In the 1990s Graham Linehan along with Arthur Mathews wrote one of the best sitcoms of its era which was of course Father Ted, so when on his own he launched a new comedy in 2006 it was something that I definitely wanted to watch, and The IT Crowd would also go on to be a big success. it1

The IT Crowd was set in the London offices of a business called Reynholm Industries, but we never really got to meet most of the people who worked there or even what the company exactly made, the show was centred around the people who were hidden somewhere in the basement of the building who worked in the IT department and were only occasionally let out when some had a problem with their computer which need solving. vlcsnap-01539

When Jen joins the company she is sent to work in the IT department even though she knows nothing about computers and meets the other workers there who are Roy and Moss, two rather odd people who sit in an office full of broken computers and games consoles and they seem to have trouble interacting with others or doing any work. vlcsnap-01538

We also meet a few other characters including Richmond (Noel Fielding) who even Roy and Moss think is someone rather bizarre, and in the first series we also occasionally met the boss of the company Denholm who wasn’t exactly an accomplished businessman, who was replaced by his son Douglas who somehow was even more useless at being in charge. vlcsnap-01541

There were some great moments over the years, being a game show fan somewhat unsurprisingly I am a fan of the episode where Moss goes on Countdown and puts in a superb performance, leading him to join what appears to be a secret underground club for Octochamps, plus lots of other terrifically bizarre things. vlcsnap-01540

The IT Crowd‘s cast included Richard Ayoade who was also in Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace which I was a big fan of, as was Matt Berry. The show also managed to cause a stir when Chris Morris made his first appearance in a sitcom playing the boss. There were four series altogether, but plans for a fifth were dropped after Chris O’Dowd and Richard Ayoade’s film careers began to take off in both acting and directing. vlcsnap-01542

The DVD releases also featured some great extra material too, including a look behind the scenes, and the menus were created in the style of various classic computer games including Head Over Heels. The show also won some awards and there were even a few versions made in different countries. It’s always great to watch and it’s definitely one of my favourite sitcoms of its era. vlcsnap-01537


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