Musical Memories – 27 February 1999.

The next date I have picked at random is 27 February 1999. This will probably be the last look at a singles chart from me for now, I plan to do something different for my musical memories for a while, like looking back at my favourite hits of various years, and an A-Z of some of my favourite acts. But for now here’s some of my highlights from this top 100.

1 (new entry) “Baby One More Time” – Britney Spears. The first week on the chart for the debut single from the pop star who would go on to have many more hits. I’ve never been a huge fan of Britney’s songs myself but there was no doubt about how big this song was at the time.

11 (down 6) “One Week” – Barenaked Ladies. Not many classics in the top ten in this week, so we go on to this song, which was amusingly quirky. The Barenaked Ladies had been around for a long time but suddenly hit the big time with this one with this making the top ten, and they went on to have a few other memorable hits including “It’s All Been Done”. 17004-raw

24 (down 7) “Can’t Get Enough” – Soulsearcher. Another great hit from a here today-gone tomorrow dance act. I did listen to the radio a lot around the late-90s/early-00s including a lot Kiss and BBC Radio 1, and it was always a pleasure to hear this one.

26 (up 1) “Chocolate Salty Balls (PS I Love You)” – Chef. This was a chart-topper earlier in the year. The cartoon South Park was a big thing around this time so a lot of people were eager to hear Isaac Hayes in character as Chef croon about how wonderful his, er, salty balls were.

31 (down 10) “National Express” – Divine Comedy. This was the only top ten hit for an act that had lots of quirky hits over the years, and this was another great one.

35 (down 11) “Tonite” – Supercar. This was another one that I used to think was terrific, I always enjoyed it on the radio and it’s another dance classic and one of my favourites from this year, although once again this was their only top 40 hit. 16992-raw

45 (down 15) “More Than This” – Emmie. This was another one that I really liked, a dance remake of the Roxy Music classic, but again it was her only top ten hit. So many great acts in this chart who were in the spotlight for such a short time. 16958-raw

53 (down 18) “Walk Like A Panther” – All Seeing I Featuring Tony Christie. Yet another act who only had one top ten hit, but I did like this one, the first time I remember coming across Tony Christie long before his “Amarillo” song was a Comic Relief chart-topper six years later. This group’s other songs “Beat Goes On” and “First Man In Space” featuring the Human League’s Phil Oakey are great too. 16960-raw

68 (down 17) “Cassius 1999” – Cassius. Daft Punk aren’t the only French dance act who’ve had success in the UK by any means. This was a great song, and around this time there was another French group called Bel Amour who released a dance classic.

84 (up 8) “Would You…?” – Touch And Go. This was actually a hit at the end of 1998 but it was still around the lower end of the chart. This song came back into my mind when it was used a few years later for the Channel 4 teen drama As If which I used to enjoy watching. And once again, this was this group’s only top ten hit. The turnover of acts at this time on the singles chart was remarkable.

Well luckily that turned out to be an enjoyable look back as the late-90s was one of my favourite eras for hit music and I hope you liked some of those too.


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