Game Show Memories – A Question Of Sport.

A Question Of Sport (BBC1, 1970-present)

A fun game show all about sport which has gone on to become one of Britain’s longest-running game shows. A Question Of Sport has gone through many hosts and team captains, but my favourite era of the show was when David Coleman and his terrific knitwear refereed the shows in the early-90s which featured rugby’s Bill Beaumont and cricket’s Ian Botham as the team captains. Question of Sport 10

Every week the two team captains would be joined by various famous sportspeople who hoped to show off some of their sports knowledge. The classic format begins with the picture board round. There are 12 pictures on the board. The contestant picks a number and then has to guess who the sportsperson pictured is. Sometimes this task is not as easy as it would seem. Question of Sport 6

There was then the specialised subject round where contestants answered questions on a montage that was shown, usually on the sport that they take part in, although the captains could usually get anything. Then there was the home or away round, one point for answering a question on your own sport, two points for answering a question on a different sport. Again, the captains were often encouraged to go “away” and often have to answer the most ridiculous questions about bizarre sporting moments. Question of Sport 11

The next round is the mystery guest, a short montage of a famous sportsperson is shown, and the teams have to guess who it is. One of the most memorable rounds is the what happened next round, where the teams have to determine what unusual moment was about to happen at a sporting event. Some of the guesses were usually rather outrageous. vlcsnap-01465

Next is the one minute round, the teams have to answer nine various sporting questions as quick as they can. Then it’s time to return to the picture board. Sometimes if the scores were rather close it would all rest on whether the people could be identified correctly. Although this is one of those shows where it doesn’t matter that much who wins really, there are always some funny moments and everyone enjoyed taking part. Question of Sport 18

A Question Of Sport has gone on to be a very long-running show, having now been on the screen for 45 years, and it is one of the few British game shows of which there have been over 1,000 editions. There have been some changes since the late-90s, with Sue Barker replacing Coleman in 1997, changes in teams captains, and new rounds, and it still seems to be on every week.

Such is the success of A Question Of Sport that there have been several spin-offs such as A Question Of Pop, and there has been some merchandise released, including a VHS of the funniest moments, and a board game which I used to have. A Question Of Sport even went on tour, so you could see the show on stage. It will probably continue for a long time yet.


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