Musical Memories – 18 May 1988.

Time for another look at a classic singles chart. The date I have picked at random is 18 May 1988 which is the earliest I’ve gone back so far, it really is remarkable to think just how long ago this is now. Let’s see what the big hits were in the top 100 in this week.

1 (up 4) “With A Little Help From My Friends” – Wet Wet Wet/”She’s Leaving Home” – Billy Bragg With Cara Tivey. This was a double A-side of Beatles covers organised to raise money for charity. This was also the second of three times that “With A Little Help From My Friends” has been a UK number one single, and Wet Wet Wet’s first chart-topper.

5 (down 2) – “Blue Monday 1988” – New Order. A classic single if ever there was one, this was a remix of the song that was originally a hit five years earlier. But all the various versions are all terrific. 9815-raw

6 (down 2) “Loadsamoney (Doin’ Up The House)” – Harry Enfield. Something of a novelty comedy single by Harry Enfield as his “Loadsamoney” character that was very popular in the late-80s but was soon killed off. Also taking part in this record were Enfield’s mates Charlie Higson and Paul Whitehouse, long before all three went on to further success with the likes of Harry Enfield And Chums and The Fast Show. It just amuses me that Higson and Whitehouse once had appeared on Top Of The Pops alongside Enfield, and no-one even knew who they were then. Harry and Paul are also going on tour soon to perform as some of their favourite characters. Don’t expect Loadsamoney to be one of them. And you don’t get comedians having top ten singles any more, do you? 9816-raw

7 (down 5) “Theme From S-Express” – S-Express. A chart-topper earlier in the year, this was one of the new wave of dance acts that came along in the late-80s, alongside the likes of M/A/R/R/S and Bomb The Bass, definitely having a big impact on music in this era and how the dance genre evolved.

10 (down 3) “Mary’s Prayer” – Danny Wilson. The only top ten hit for this band, but it remains popular to this day. A re-release of a song that missed the top 40 in 1987. As I said before this group has no connection to the Danny Wilson of the comic strip Danny’s Tranny who I was talking about on here recently, but it was nice enough. 9765-raw

14 (up 14) “The King Of Rock ‘N’ Roll” – Prefab Sprout. Well I must admit that I am a big fan of this song, it combines two things that I like about pop music. Firstly, it’s a rather daft song with nonsense lyrics about jumping frogs, but I also have to reveal that I like songs with squelchy keyboards, meaning that this is one of my favourites from this era. And it was their only top ten hit. 9804-raw

And that’s about it for this chart really. There aren’t too many singles further down the top 100 that have made that much on an impact on me – but as I wasn’t even five years old at the time of this chart unfortunately I don’t remember a huge amount of songs on this chart, 1988 isn’t really my favourite year for pop music, although there were still a few classics around. That’s what’ll happen when picking a date a random. Who knows what year we’ll land in next time.

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