Musical Memories – 25 April 2000.

The next date that I have picked at random is 25 April 2000. I have decided that I might as well review two or three charts from each year from 1985 to 2012, so by the end the dates that I pick won’t be so random, but as this is the first chart from 2000 that I will be reviewing, let’s take a look at what was happening on the singles chart top 100 in this week.

1 (non-mover) “Toca’s Miracle” – Fragma. There were a ludicrous amount of chart-toppers in 2000, the turnover was ridiculous and over 40 songs ended up making number one in that year. This is one of the rare songs that spent more than one week at number one in 2000 but it deserved it as it was definitely one of my favourite hits of that year, being essentially a “mash-up” of Coco’s “I Need A Miracle” and Fragma’s own “Toca Me” to create a brilliant single that I still love to hear 15 years on. 44803-raw

8 (down 4) “Flowers” – Sweet Female Attitude. I know that some of the entries on these pieces are rather simplistic in that they usually just consist of “I liked this one, it was great”, but when I look at these old charts, I go through the songs, and then occasionally when I see one a feeling goes through me of when I first came into contact with a song that I really liked at the time, whether it reminds me of the first time that I heard it on the radio, or when I saw it on TV. As I was in my mid-teens at this time and had access to MTV and UK Play via On Digital, I would watch them an awful lot as I was interested in the musical trends of the time. This song by SFA (not to be confused with Super Furry Animals) was one of the best from the genre known as UK Garage which I was really into and seemed to clog up most of the chart at the time as most here today/gone tomorrow genres do. I still love this, and their follow-up “Eight Days A Week” (not a cover of the Beatles song) was just as great, but didn’t make the top 40, and that was the last we ever heard of this duo which was a shame. 44799-raw

16 (down 4) “Say My Name” – Destiny’s Child. I did enjoy lots of the hits of this American girl group. This wasn’t my favourite of all of them, but they were on a great run at this time, and this is a good as anything that Beyonce has done in her subsequent solo career.

25 (down 9) “The Time Is Now” – Moloko. Another act that I’ve always found interesting, and this was one of their biggest hits, it’s just as great as the instant dance classic “Sing It Back” that caused a sensation a year earlier, another one of my all-time favourites. 

43 (down 7) “Movin’ Too Fast” – Artful Dodger Featuring Romina Johnson. Another Garage classic (see I told you it was all over the place at this time) from the group that also launched Craig David on us (who had just had his first chart-topper with “Fill Me In”), but I think because this song is so great I can forgive them for that.

46 (down 26) “The Facts Of Life” – Black Box Recorder. Around this time I liked to listen to Mark and Lard in the afternoon on BBC Radio 1. They always liked to have a Record Of The Week, but hardly any of them were successful, and Mark Radcliffe once said that record companies were asking him not to make their records his Record Of The Week as it instantly killed them off. I think this was one of them though, but if not I still remember it being played regularly on his programme, and it was a rare top 20 hit that they backed. Also, I remember about a year or two later “The Facts Of Life” had a second wave of success when rather bafflingly it was used as the theme to MTV’s live request show Select in its final days when it was hosted by the likes of Natalie Casey and Russell Brand. 40565-raw

48 (down 15) “Right Before My Eyes” – N ‘n’ G Featuring Kallaghan. Sorry to keep banging on about this, but this is yet another Garage classic that I am really fond of, a cover of the 1989 minor hit by Patti Day, which I am fairly sure was also on a volume of “Deep Heat”, the successful dance music compilation series of the late-80s/early-90s. 17695-raw

61 (down 9) “Caught Out There” – Kelis. The debut hit for the American singer. Now this one definitely made an impact on me when I first heard it on the radio as this song mostly consists of Kelis famously yelling “Aaaarggghh!! I hate you so much right now!!“, which is something that you don’t forget hearing in a hurry.

79 (down 3) “Sweet Love” – Fierce. This was a super cover of the Anita Baker song by the girl band. Curiously though, even though this became their biggest hit they split not long afterwards. I was fond of a few of their other songs including “Days Like That” and I don’t know why their promising career stopped so abruptly. 17605-raw

Well that was a pleasingly enjoyable chart to reminisce about, I can almost forgive all the awful boy bands that took up the majority of the other top 100 places. More soon.

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