Musical Memories – 7 December 2001.

The next date that I have picked at random is 7 December 2001, so let’s review what was on the singles chart in that week.

1 (new entry) “Gotta Get Thru This” – Daniel Bedingfield. At last we open with a number one single that I do like. The debut hit single for Daniel who burst on to the scene late in 2001. I remember there being a rumour at the time that he produced this song in his bedroom. Daniel went on to have a couple more chart-toppers, but I think that this was the best of them, and his sister Natasha’s had one too, making them the only brother and sister to have separately had UK number one singles. I don’t know what Daniel is up to nowadays though, maybe he is back in his bedroom. 18620-raw

9 (new entry) “Where’s Your Head At” – Basement Jaxx. Another great dance single in the top ten in this week, one of many from this act.

13 (new entry) “Crying At The Discotheque” – Alcazar. This was another one that I liked, mostly because it sampled the disco classic “Spacer” from Sheila B Devotion. 18627-raw

17 (down 2) “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” – Kylie Minogue. One of Kylie’s biggest hits and one of her seven chart-toppers, it really did seem to be a phenomenon at the time and it still sounds great.

19 (down 9) “Rapture” – Iio. Another great dance song that was popular at the time but once again like with most dance acts they only had about one more hit after this. 18569-raw

31 (down 8) “Hit ‘Em Up Style (Oops)” – Blu Cantrell. The debut hit for this singer, she didn’t have many more hits but this is one of my favourites by her, and she did have a UK number one in 2003 with “Breathe”. 

36 (down 11) “Bohemian Like You” – Dandy Warhols. This is a curious one, the Dandy Warhols were an American group who I remember had a few hits in the late-90s, but when this song was originally released in 2000 it missed the Top 40. But then guess what, a year later it was used on an advert for Vodafone, re-released, and suddenly they’re in the top ten for the first time. I think they were also helped by the fact that Virgin played it about once an hour for a while so everybody became very familiar with it. In 2006 “Bohemian Like You” returned to the chart as a “mash-up” with Mousse T’s “Horny” as “Horny As A Dandy”.

40 (down 8) “One Night Stand” – Mis-Teeq. Hooray, it’s great to review a chart which features one of my favourite girl bands. I was really into them at the time, although they were only together for about two or three years. After this Alesha Dixon went solo and released a couple of great singles, but they weren’t big hits which was a shame, although of course her career would eventually become a big success. 18553-raw

77 (up 12) “Young Fresh ‘N New” – Kelis. This is another singer who I’ve really enjoyed over the years. This was another great one but unfortunately it didn’t do very well which was a shame, although Kelis did eventually return to the top ten since which is great. 18567-raw

89 (down 34) “Has It Come To This” – The Streets. This group who were fronted by Mike Skinner really made an impact on me right from the first time I heard this which was their debut hit. They went on to have lots of great singles, and when a few years after this they went on to have a chart-topper with “Dry Your Eyes” I was really thrilled, it was terrific.


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