Musical Memories – 14 June 1999.

The next date I have picked at random is 14 June 1999 so let’s discover what were among the highlights on the singles chart in that week.

1 (new entry) “Bring It All Back” – S Club 7. The debut chart-topper for another band that I was never that fond of, who also had a show on CBBC at the time. I did enjoy some of the solo singles by Rachel Stevens though.

2 (new entry) “Beautiful Stranger” – Madonna. One of my favourite Madonna songs from this era which was on the soundtrack to the second Austin Powers film.

5 (down 3) “Sweet Like Chocolate” – Shanks And Bigfoot. Now this is one of my favourite number one singles. Because I was in my mid-teens around this time I did like a lot of the hit music that was around in the late-90s/early-00s, and I still enjoy this one to this day, although as with most dance acts I think they only had one more hit. 17176-raw

16 (down 4) “No Scrubs” – TLC. One of the reasons that I am pleased that I picked a chart from mid-1999 is because I remember that was when we got MTV for the first time, I had heard a lot about it and I was pleased to finally see some of it for myself, when they frequently showed music videos, and this song seemed to be played all the time, so along with some others I always associate it with that. digital0001

29 (down 8) “I Quit” – Hepburn. Another girl band for which there were big things tipped, although this was their biggest hit and they didn’t stay around for long. 17179-raw

31 (down 15) “21st Century Girls” – 21st Century Girls. Another girl band for which there were big things… oh wait. Even though I remember them being heavily pushed at the time, this was their only hit, and unfortunately for them their pop career was over in the 20th century. 17205-raw

35 (down 2) “Red Alert” – Basement Jaxx. Another terrific dance hit that seemed to be everywhere in the summer of ’99 and another favourite of MTV.

51 (up 2) “Flat Beat” – Mr Oizo. The remarkable power of Levi’s adverts to have chart-topping singles continued here, partly thanks to the efforts of the lovable Flat Eric. Who remember the song now though. I remember someone on Capital saying after they played that a lot of people who bought it who finally heard the single in full would have thought “is that it?”. eric

Well at it turns out there weren’t too many memories to share from this chart, we’ll just have to see what date turns up next time.


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