Musical Memories – 11 January 2008.

Here’s my second look at a vintage singles chart. The next date I have picked at random is 11 January 2008 so let’s have a look back at some of the most memorable singles that were in the Top 100 in that week.

1 (non-mover) “When You Believe” – Leon Jackson. Oh dear, I have picked another rotten chart-topper with this chart here. It’s some guy who won The X Factor. Did he even have another hit? One day on here I shall have to bring you a list of some of my favourite UK number one singles from over the years. It probably won’t surprise you to learn that this isn’t going to be one of them.

7 (non-mover) “Call The Shots” – Girls Aloud. It’s time for me to admit something, I’m not a big fan of girl bands, but I like a lot of the singles by Girls Aloud. I never watched Popstars: The Rivals, the show on which Girls Aloud were formed, but I would have done if I knew that they would go on to make lots of terrific pop records. This isn’t my favourite song by them but I am still a big fan of it. They were very long-running as well, this song released five years into their career and was their 16th top ten hit. They are also at 51 in this week with “Theme To St. Trinian’s”. 22141-raw

9 (down 1) “Heartbroken” – T2 featuring Jodie Aysha. This was another dance song that I liked at the time, but once again I don’t recall them having any other hits but I was pleased that this made the Top Ten.

13 (down 1) “About You Now” – Sugababes. Along with Girls Aloud, Sugababes are one of the other girl bands that I’ve really liked, the only other one really being Mis-Teeq. It’s a surprise to think that their first hit single was 15 years ago now, and this was one of their six chart-toppers in late-2007. They were also at 16 in this week with “Change” but I prefer this one of the two. Also, ex-Sugababe Mutya’s single “B Boy Baby” is a new entry at an embarrassingly low 73 in this week. 22006-raw

18 (non-mover) “Umbrella” – Rihanna featuring Jay-Z. The biggest hit single of the 2000s, spending longer at number one than any other song in that decade. Rihanna is also at 12 in this chart with “Don’t Stop The Music” at 29 with “Hate That I Love You”, and at 63 with “Shut Up And Drive”. Rihanna has had a huge amount of hits over the past decade and this is definitely up there with the best of them.

25 (non-mover) “Worried About Ray” – The Hoosiers. I did like this group, they had some good singles, and the equally great follow-up “Goodbye Mr A” was also on the chart in this week. They a few more hit singles and a chart-topping album, but they’re not a band you hear much about nowadays. 42677-raw

27 (up 11) “Ruby” – Kaiser Chiefs. This is another band that I liked, and this was their only chart-topper in 2007. They also had lots of other great hits and it still surprises me that what rock/indie bands are remaining can hardly break into the Top 100 singles chart any more.

56 (up 11) “Let Me Think About It” – Ida Corr Vs. Fedde Le Grand. – This is another dance song that I liked. That thing happened recently where I hadn’t heard it on the radio for years and then suddenly it came on and it struck me how much I still liked it and it reminded me of the innovative video too. 43294-raw

79 (down 7) In The Air Tonight – Phil Collins. I remember this song that was originally a hit in the 1980s returning to the chart in 2007 off the back of the famous Cadbury’s advert with the drumming gorilla. It struck me that any classic song could now re-enter the singles chart on downloads if it suddenly comes back into the public eye (or ear).

That’s all for now, there will be another look in the chart archive soon.

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