Musical Memories – an introduction.

Here’s the first post of another thing that I want to my share memories of on this blog – pop music! My sister is nine years older than me, so I’ve always been aware of pop stars even from when I was only about four or five because she was already in her teens and liked a lot of acts around at the time, and always watched Top Of The Pops and read Smash Hits. She was really into the likes of Rick Astley, Bros and Curiousity Killed The Act, so I was familiar with them even at such a young age, and also this will give you some kind of an idea of what era we’re dealing with here.

She also bought lots of records, went to lots of gigs, the first being A-Ha in 1986, and she even went to a few Smash Hits Poll Winners Parties! As for me, I don’t have such a big collection of music, but here is the plan as to what these musical memories on here will feature. I’ve already reviewed a classic edition of Top Of The Pops, and I’m having a look for more full episodes on various tapes I have and online, so I hope to bring you some more reviews soon.

I also wanted to review some compilations, including the Now That’s What I Call Music! series, because I have seen a few other sites review them and I have enjoyed reading their views… but the problem is that I don’t actually own any. I thought it might be a good time to get into the series so I asked hoe I should begin my Now collection, such as whether there would be any chance that would be any in charity shops or anything like that, to which someone replied “Now 1”. Everyone’s a comedian nowadays, aren’t they? If I ever do get hold of any though I’ll let you know.

Another thing that I want to do is pick a random chart from the archive from about the mid-80s to the early-10s, and then go through it and pick out about 15 or 20 records out of the chart and share my thoughts on them, whether it’s because I really like them, I have some memories of them, or I just know some useless trivia about them that I want to share, and I’ll be doing the first of those soon.

I know that liking music is a highly personal thing and everybody will have their own tastes, but I hope that you will enjoy what I have to say about my memories because so many songs have the ability to shape our lives.


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