Gaming Memories – Blockbusters Interactive DVD.

Blockbusters Interactive DVD Game (2006)

Because Blockbusters is one of my all-time favourite game shows, when I heard that there was going to be an interactive DVD version released I was very pleased. It was also great when it was announced that even though there have been some revivals the DVD would be based on the original ITV version and Bob Holness would be returning to voice the questions over a decade after he last hosted the show. vlcsnap-01384

It is just a shame then that the DVD version turns out to be somewhat disappointing. We open with the familiar famous theme, but a rather bad-sounding version which is similar to what was used on the Sky One series in the mid-90s. Also, there would be some rules changes, so the promise on the back of the DVD box that the game was “just like the TV show!” wasn’t exactly right. vlcsnap-01385

The game begins with a computer-generated version of what the Blockbusters studio looked like in the early-90s. Then we see the familiar game board which has had some 3D effects added to it making it look similar to the one that was used on the Challenge revival after this DVD was made. vlcsnap-01383

Although there are two teams, you can’t pick the letter that you want. It is predetermined for you by the contestant on the DVD. When the question is asked, you are given no answer options, you are simply asked to be honest when you enter whether you got it right or not after revealing the answer, winning the letter if got it right. vlcsnap-01386

You are also endlessly asked by Bob to “get ready” before every letter is selected. You also take it in turns, so if you do get the next answer right, you can’t choose where to go next, and it does become frustrating as you get the answers wrong and the computer contestants constantly pick the same letters. Bob does say “that’s Blockbusters!” though when the connection is eventually made. vlcsnap-01387

The first team to win two games can then put themselves on the Hot Spot. Again, the rules are different. Your contestant again picks the hexagon for you, and they all seem to feature two-word clues. There is no time limit, the idea is that if you get more than two answers wrong you lose the game, but if you get across the board you win the somewhat underwhelming star prize, and what an honour that is. vlcsnap-01388

Around the time of the fad of interactive DVDs of classic game shows which was around the mid-2000s, there was also a website called We Dig TV where you could play interactive versions of game shows using a combination of archive footage from the shows combined with newly voiced contributions from the hosts. Although I thought it was a good idea and I did go on the site a couple of times, the games kept crashing and I think that the site is now long gone, and I’m fairly sure it featured a version of Blockbusters too. Although it wasn’t great, I’m still pleased they had a go.


One thought on “Gaming Memories – Blockbusters Interactive DVD.

  1. WeDigTV did indeed have quite a fun Blockbusters game with voiceover from Bob. That site was a lot of fun until they overhauled it to Beta and seemed to erode any reliability it had before that. I think it too suffered from being a little ahead of its time – most people circa 2007 had connections which were unable to handle it.

    A shame it’s not still around really as shows like Million Pound Drop, The Chase and Pointless could be a lot of fun in that format.


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