Gaming Memories – The Weakest Link.

The Weakest Link (PlayStation 1, 2001)

I haven’t actually got around to reviewing the original TV version of this game show yet but I wanted to review the computer game version. Like Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, when BBC game show The Weakest Link was at the peak of its popularity a computer game version was released because everybody at the time fancied a go at playing this game, and my review is based on the PlayStation 1 version which I have.

The Weakest Link is of course the general knowledge challenge where you have to work as a team and get the answers correct because round by round the dunce is dumped. The computer game was rather faithful to the TV version. One change is that only seven contestants take part instead of nine. vlcsnap-01371

Also you can’t enter your own name or a picture of yourself, you have to assume the persona of one of the 24 different playable characters and then choose your opponents who you think you can beat. There are a few game modes such as when you are given the question, you can have four options which you can see in full, or if you want to challenge yourself only the first letter. vlcsnap-01368

One thing that is similar to the TV version is the host Anne Robinson asking the questions, but because there are so many and to save time, usually only something like “in sport, what is the correct answer?” is said. Your contestant ponders this for a while. They do all supposedly have different personalities, I remember reading in one review something of a strategy as to whether you should play as Eddie the trucker: “this porker was no use at all, avoid him!”. Also, just about all the male contestants are voiced by voice actor extraordinaire Enn Reitel who did the voiceover on every other advert in the 1980s and 1990s, and listening to him put on a wide range of silly accents is rather amusing. vlcsnap-01369

You’ve got to remember to bank regularly too to have a chance at progressing and taking the money. Although the game promised “bigger prize banks” than on the TV you don’t really play for anything. At the end of the round regardless of your score you have to of course vote off who you thought performed worst in the round. Again Anne doesn’t hold back in telling the contestants how they did and this causes all kinds of amusing bickering, and leaving one contestant with their head in their hands as they have to take the walk of shame. vlcsnap-01373

Then of course the weakest link is voted off, leaving them to have a post-match rant about how badly they were treated. Poor old Eddie! Once the final comes (if you get that far) you face your opponent in a penalty shoot-out style game to win and have the honour of knowing that you were the best of the lot that day. vlcsnap-01372

I did enjoy playing The Weakest Link because I do like to test my general knowledge and all the correct sound effects and comments by Anne were present. It is a surprise to think that this show is no longer going based on how many people watched it but every fad does pass. There was also a version released for the PlayStation 2 which was a big success.


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