Gaming Memories – Deal Or No Deal Interactive DVD.

Deal Or No Deal Interactive DVD Game (2006) dond0001As we near the tenth anniversary of the launch of Deal Or No Deal, here’s a look back at the interactive DVD game version. Again, like most of these DVDs it was sold on the basis of if you think that you can do better than the contestants, now here is your chance to try and battle the banker yourself. As ever, the show is hosted by Noel Edmonds. Will you win enough money to change your life, or enough money to change your socks? vlcsnap-01362

This DVD was released about a year after Deal Or No Deal launched when it was very popular with viewers, and this DVD is very similar to what the show was like at the time, in the passing years the rules have been changed slightly. First of all you are assigned the box number 5 and you can then play one of the three modes, one player, two player, or as the banker where you can make the offers yourself. vlcsnap-01363

Something that is frustrating about the game is that you have to scroll through the boxes one by one, so if you want to pick a specific box number in the early rounds it can be rather time consuming. All the 21 contestants taking part are people who had previously appeared on the show. Before they open their box they all make some “good luck”-style comment. Is it going to be your lucky day? vlcsnap-01364

Then the cash amount is revealed in your box, which is selected at random. After this, there is usually another quick shot of the contestants, looking really pleased or rather upset by the contents of the box, and some of their acting is rather amusing. After five boxes comes your first call from the banker. vlcsnap-01365

At this point Noel will pass on a few comments about how the game is going. You will then receive the offer. Before you decide, you can ask for advice, but this is usually a very short clip of a contestant saying something like “I would deal” which isn’t very useful. Then after making your decision Noel will then make some more comments about how gutsy (or not) he thinks you are. Curiously the contestants can’t been seen in the background for this so Noel must have recorded his parts separately. vlcsnap-01366

Although you are not playing for real money of course it can become exciting, with all of the questions like “will you deal at the right time” and “will you win lots of money” being tackled. At the end of the game your box is opened and you discover if you might the right decision, and then we hear some more cheering regardless of the result. vlcsnap-01367

There was a lot of Deal Or No Deal merchandise around at this time, including a board game, and there was at least one more DVD released. It is a surprise to realise how long ago this is now, and playing the DVD again recently brought back good memories of the earliest days of the show.


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