Gaming Memories – Classic Bullseye Interactive DVD.

Classic Bullseye Interactive DVD Game (2006) bully0001About a decade ago interactive DVD versions of classic game shows were very popular, and there were many made, although the fad seems to have passed now. Bullseye was a great game show in the 80s and 90s so unsurprisingly there was an interactive DVD released. There were a few versions but the one I have is the classic version. vlcsnap-01349

This version featured Jim Bowen appearing and essentially hosting Bullseye for the first time in about a decade, but he hadn’t forgotten any of the show’s catchphrases and he hoped that we would all have a marvellous time. One thing that amused me about these interactive DVDs is how many veteran game show hosts were invited back to introduce the game in a somewhat cheap-looking replicated version of the original studio design. vlcsnap-01357

This DVD version of Bullseye is very faithful to the ITV version, with not only Jim present, but all the correct music and sound effects, and Bully the mascot encouraging you along. The throwing process is a little awkward but you soon adjust to it. First of all you can select how many teams want to play. Then it’s time to face the familiar category board. vlcsnap-01352

Once you’ve selected your category, you throw the dart to try and win yourself the question. Will you hit the bullseye? This part of the game differs slightly from the TV version as Jim offers you four options to the question and you have to pick the correct answer. The cash values are the same as on the TV, but you must remember that you don’t win them for real! vlcsnap-01353

Then there’s the pounds for points round. At the start of every round Jim gives a quick explanation of how to play. Again this round is a little different as you throw only one dart instead of three, but the highest score wins the question, with the highest scoring team going through to Bully’s Prize Board. Scorer Tony Green voices this round. vlcsnap-01354

Again this round was just like on TV, and amusingly the prizes that were on offer were taken from clips of old episodes, where they were mocked slightly by Jim and Tony, something that they wouldn’t have done first time round I don’t think. Then of course comes the gamble to play for Bully’s Star Prize. vlcsnap-01355

The final gamble is the usual 101 or more in six darts. If you win, another archive clip is played of a star prize, and Jim wheels out all of his classic “marvellous, well done, that’s a great prize, I have you’ve had a lovely day playing Bullseye, you can’t beat a bit of Bully!” routine. That speedboat will come in really handy. vlcsnap-01360

This DVD was released in 2006, around the time that the revival of Bullseye was being shown on Challenge for the first time. It was great seeing Jim again and he definitely enhanced the experience of playing, encouraging us along and hoping that we’d win, and amusingly mocking the prizes. Definitely one of the better interactive DVD games, it’s great fun that hits the target!


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