Gaming Memories – Triple Play Baseball 2000.

Triple Play Baseball 2000 (PlayStation 1, 1999)

This is another sport game that I have in my collection. Baseball is one of those sports that is more established and popular in America although it does have a following here. My memories of playing rounders as it is called in this country just consist of doing very badly in the school playground. But because I remember watching some MLB coverage on Channel 5 and I liked the look of the game when I saw the review in PlayStation Power, I decided to buy Triple Play Baseball 2000vlcsnap-01329

Again, this is a game which features impressive TV-style presentation with commentators Jim Hughson and Buck Martinez who like to often say things like “he’s hit it way back, this might bring rain!”, and all the players, stadiums and teams from the 1999 season are featured. There are plenty of options, from playing a one-off game to going through a whole season to try and make the playoffs and triumph in the World Series. vlcsnap-01331

Baseball is one of those sports that can have a lot of statistics and it can seem rather overwhelming at first but if you can grasp the basics then the game is great to play. There are lots of other things that made playing this game a good experience for me including amusing crowd noises and sound effects. vlcsnap-01330

Once you get used to the controls it can be great to attempt to score a home run. It’s very satisfying when you achieve this and there’s a huge “thump” sound effect. Triple Play Baseball 2000 was published by EA Sports who are a company who definitely know how to put a great game together. “If it’s in the game, it’s in the game”. vlcsnap-01332

One of my favourite things about Triple Play Baseball 2000 is one of the cheats. In a one-off game by pressing various buttons you can access the EA Dream Team, who all seemed to be based on people who worked on the game. They all have various superpowers such as being able to run round the bases very quickly, or having an oversized bat. The best player in the team is the mighty Erik Kiss, who has the incredible ability to hit home runs over 1000+ft with ease every single time making him a guaranteed matchwinner, and he is almost always selected as the man of the match. If he was a real player he would be the greatest one who ever played the game. vlcsnap-01333

Although there are other games in the Triple Play Baseball series, this is the only one that I have. Such is the nature of baseball that I imagine that it wouldn’t have sold in huge quantities in this country, but in my quest to collect one computer game of every sport to to determine what they are like I have definitely got a feel for why people do enjoy this game. Again there are a few clips on YouTube of people playing the game and over 15 years after it was released I am still a fan. vlcsnap-01334


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