Gaming Memories – Official UK PlayStation 2 Magazine.

Official UK PlayStation 2 Magazine (2000-2008)

Sony’s new console the PlayStation 2 launched in the UK at the end of 2000. I got one at the start of 2001, and I was really pleased, it was great to be trendy for about five minutes. Because I had been buying the Official UK PlayStation Magazine for a couple of years at this point, I decided as it was published by the same company Future to start buying the Official UK PlayStation 2 Magazine.

The history of the magazine can be split into four different eras. When I started to buy the magazine the content was rather straightforward, with news, previews of upcoming games, interviews with figures in the industry, reviews of games with scores out of ten, plus a few other things like reviews of DVDs. There was also of a course a free demo disc given away giving you a chance to play some of the latest games yourself. 2ps1

By the start of the second era the magazine was selling almost 200,000 copies an issue – not as high as the peak of the PlayStation 1 magazine in the late-90s but still the biggest-selling computer games magazine in Britain at the time. Around this time there were also various free gifts given away including cheat books and stickers. 2ps3

By the third era the content of the magazine changed somewhat, looking much livelier than the first era but coming across as having something of a “laddish” attitude. Again, various writers worked for the magazine at the time and often appeared in the pages of the various features. I particularly remember one writer called George Walter (who seemed to prefer to being called “Gorgeous”) was all over the magazine out one point, doing silly things on various pages. Some of the cover designs around this time were good though. george0001

The fourth and final era featured another big relaunch, with even the size of the pages being changed. The magazine started to aim at younger readers, and although I read it to the end, there wasn’t too much content in the later issues. For some reason around this time there seemed to be a lot of coverage of guitar games, all the writers seemed to like them. The 100th issue in 2008 was also the final one, featuring Sonic the Hedgehog on the cover and a look back at various classic moments. Around this time a new magazine covering PlayStation 3 was launched but as I’ve never had one of those I haven’t ever bought that one. 2ps2

This is the final PlayStation magazine that I have to write about, although there a few other magazines about different consoles that I used to read over the years and I’ll write about those soon. Next I’ll bring you some memories of some of my favourite games that I used to enjoy playing.


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