Round The Regions – Yorkshire.


Yorkshire launched in July 1968 after replacing ABC and Granada who began to serve only the north-west of England. From their launch their symbol was been rather odd, what is it supposed to be exactly, a stylised “Y”, or maybe not. When after about a year colour came along in November 1969 their symbol was revised slightly and was now yellow, and that was how it would stay for many years.

I must admit that I have never really been scared by the early Yorkshire ident, but I can see why some people have admitted that they were. The music is rather odd, and if I had been a child in Yorkshire in the 70s I feel that I probably would have not liked it. Around 1982 the music was changed to being much less creepy. ytv7

Yorkshire were one of the bigger ITV regions and did contribute a lot to the network, including the soap Emmerdale which launched in 1972. Among their local programming was the news programme Calendar which was hosted by Richard Whiteley among many others. In January 1987 Yorkshire decided to modernise their look with a new computer-generated ident that was nicknamed “liquid gold”. It was definitely seen as very impressive for the time. ytv4

Yorkshire only had in-vision continuity for a very brief time, they were about the only ITV region who hardly ever used it, and their presentation style was such that they became known to viewers as being the ITV company that was the closest to being “the BBC with adverts”. Yorkshire were also pioneering in some respects, experimenting with a breakfast service in March 1977, almost six years before the launch of TV-am, and also introducing a 24-hour service in August 1986 by simulcasting the channel Music Box. Yorkshire also memorably opted-out of showing a primetime programme which they thought was too shoddy. ytv2

Among Yorkshire’s announcers was Redvers Kyle. I must admit that I hadn’t heard of him before I went online and went I first saw people talking about him on websites I actually assumed that it was the name of a transmitter, and imagined announcers saying “Redvers Kyle will be on reduced power tonight”. However, now I have heard many clips of him announcing on various trails and idents and I have to say that he is very good, and some TV fans insist that he is the best ITV announcer of them all, and he worked for Yorkshire from their launch until his retirement in 1993. ytv5

There have been other Yorkshire announcers throughout the years, I have enjoyed Paul Lally, there is a great announcement by him on TV Ark talking about “a lovely Christmas morning”, and there are also some clips of him on various sites where he seems to be having some trouble filling the time before the programme begins. Other long-runners included John Crosse and Graham Roberts. ytv8

After celebrating their 21st anniversary, Yorkshire took the 1989 ITV corporate look and used it for longer than most, but it seems that they weren’t huge fans of it. By 1994 the “Y” symbol had become the main aspect of the ident again, and was revised again a few times before the 1999 corproate look came along, which they took part in, although along with Tyne Tees they also retained an additional ident for before local programming until October 2002. Their local news programme is now called ITV News Calendar, keeping the long-running name, but that’s about as far as their local coverage goes now. ytv6


One thought on “Round The Regions – Yorkshire.

  1. Michael says:

    Hey there Adam Beckwith and Des Elmes, i think Yorkshire Television adopted the Channel 3 branding which was sometime in October 1996, (the month after Tyne Tees Television became Channel 3 North East on Monday 2nd September 1996) and featured the same swirling 3s in the background like C3NE Tyne Tees and a long version in which it featured a initial revolving gold chevron giving way to a large gold ‘3’, before the chevron returns again and a short version featuring a said revolving gold chevron and the swirling 3s in the background.

    The Yorkshire breakbumper with the swirling 3s in the background and a flying sparkle was also introduced in late 1996, while the 1996 Yorkshire endboards with the swirling 3s in the background (including ones with the 1989 ITV logo) were introduced in October 1996 as well. Also, the 1996 Yorkshire endcap with the words that say “Yorkshire Television Production for Channel 4” was seen on programmes on Channel 4 such as Countdown which does not feature the swirling 3s in the background.

    When Yorkshire-Tyne Tees was brought out by Granada Media Group in June 1997, GMG (which acquired LWT in February 1994) must’ve probably announced in December 1997 that the Channel 3 branding was to be scrapped IIRC, so Yorkshire was the first TV station to drop the Channel 3 branding in February 1998 and Tyne Tees followed suit on Monday 9th March 1998 which meant that TTTV was reinstated.

    Also of note, the 1998 Yorkshire idents are also actually modified versions of the 1996 Yorkshire idents without the swirling 3s in the background and using light blue ones for daytime and dark blue ones for nighttime. The 1998 Yorkshire endboards (also including ones with the 1989 ITV logo and the last to feature them prior ITV’s logo change on 5th October 1998) are also actually modified versions of the 1996 ones also without the swirling 3s in the background.

    The 1998 Yorkshire breakbumpers are also actually modified versions of the 1996 ones, now without both the swirling 3s in the background and a flying sparkle, respectively and were used until 4th October 1998 before being replaced with the 1998 ITV heart splashing into the ink breakbumper with the 1998 lowercase ITV logo which was introduced the following day.

    I just thought i’d let you know anyway.


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