Round The Regions – Border.


Border is one of the smaller ITV regions, covering mostly the south of Scotland, the north of England and the Isle Of Man. Although it never lost its licence, there are surprisingly very few clips from this region online so unfortunately most of the history of Border remains something of a mystery to me so this isn’t going to be one of the longer entries but here’s my review based on what I have been able to discover.

Border was one of the final ITV regions to launch in September 1961, six years after the London region took to air. Their symbol was rather curious, a sort-of “B” shape which became known as the “chopsticks in a bowl”. It seems that the symbol didn’t really change at all for many years. For a very long time after colour came along their simple white on blue caption was deemed enough to introduce programmes. In 1989 Border did choose to use the corporate look, finally updating their rather old-fashioned image. border3

I’ve only been able to track down a few clips online but it does seem that for a short while they did use in-vision continuity but again not having seen much of it I’m not really sure who the most established announcers were. I can also only recall ever seeing one Border closedown online, which didn’t seem to involve very much ceremony compared to other regions, but it did reveal that they used to have an analogue clock with a sweeping hand. vlcsnap-01301

It also seems that Border’s local news programme was called Lookaround and ran for several years. Border contributed very little to the network, one of their most famous shows would have to be the game show Mr & Mrs, and in the late-80s and early-90s they also produced a few children’s programmes for CITV, but beyond that they mainly focussed on local programming.

Border’s “B” symbol survived into the 90s, and finally their main ident featured some animation with the “B” appearing on various coloured backgrounds accompanied by some music. They also took the second corporate look in 1999 but curiously the symbol was missing from the main ident although I’m fairly sure that it hadn’t been officially retired. It also seems that in more recent years their local news coverage was merged with Tyne Tees for a while. border2

It’s a shame that there are not more continuity clips from the Border region online, especially considering that their symbol remained virtually unchanged for 40 years, I presume that people who lived in that region did enjoy what Border had to offer. I would definitely be interested in seeing more clips from this region from the 80s and 90s.


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