Round The Regions – an introduction.


Here’s an introduction to another thing that I want to write about on here. Of course, as well as enjoying lots of classic TV shows over the years, I do like the bits inbetween the shows too, and when thinking of a way that I could write about continuity on here that would be entertaining I thought that it would be a good idea to review every ITV region.

I haven’t travelled around the UK much so I haven’t seen much regional ITV for myself, but thanks to various websites including TV Ark and YouTube in more recent years I have been able to watch continuity clips from regions that I have haven’t even been too and it has given me a better understanding of how ITV worked across the UK.

So what I aim to do is share some of my favourite moments of continuity from the various ITV regions. I’ll reveal some of my favourite idents (although I promise not to go on too much about them), and also other things like continuity announcers and local news coverage. This isn’t going to be a comprehensive history of ITV but I hope to get across my opinions of each region.

I plan to review every region in alphabetical order, and I am looking forward to bringing you my thoughts on regional ITV, especially when we get to my own region. I’ll try and bring you the first part tomorrow, so if you like the sound of this, why not have a look.


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