Gaming Memories – an introduction.

Time to introduce another thing that I’ve enjoyed doing over the years that I want to share my memories of on here – it’s computer games. When I was much younger I enjoyed playing the old LCD Game & Watch games, I used to have lots of them. Then for my 6th birthday which is over 25 years ago now I got a Commodore 64 – it really was remarkable, definitely one of the best presents that I’ve ever had and that really got me interested more in the world of computer games and the potential of what they can do.

Over the years gaming has evolved a lot and I’ve gone on to have more games consoles including a Super Nintendo and a Sony PlayStation. I should point out now that I don’t consider myself to be that great a gamer or an expert in this area and I suppose that I am rather a casual player but there still have been lots of games that I have enjoyed playing over the years.

So what I aim to do is write about some of my favourite games on here on the various consoles that I have had over the years. Again, it doesn’t really matter how famous or indeed how good the games are to me, just anything that I have memories of playing that I’d like to share here, with my favourite genres of games including puzzlers and platformers, and I’ll also share some of my favourite characters and moments.

As well as this, another area of games that I want to write about is magazines. Over the years I have bought many gaming magazines and I also want to write about some of the memorable features and writers, plus some of the free gifts that have been given away with magazines over the years. Reading about various games and the world of gaming in magazines has been as enjoyable for me as playing games.

I hope you’ll find my memories of games as enjoyable as my writing about classic TV shows which seem to have been well received by people – I’ll bring you the first piece on gaming soon, and I hope you’ll enjoy it.


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