Game Show Memories – The Music Game.

The Music Game (Channel 4, 1992-1993)

Yet another game show that I remember watching, The Music Game was a celebrity panel game all about the world of music, and all types of genres were covered on the show, and questions on anything from classical to rock would feature. The host was Tony Slattery perhaps not surprisingly as he really was very regularly on the TV screen back in those days, but he did come across as a very witty and entertaining host. vlcsnap-01280

Every week three contestants took part, and there was a variety of famous people who appeared on the show who wanted to show off their musical knowledge, whether they were actual musicians, radio presenters, or comedians. Does Radio 1’s Steve Wright know anything about music? Although I don’t remember it myself it seems that there was a week when Nicholas Parsons and Betty Boo were both on the panel which sounds rather awesome. vlcsnap-01281

Tony would be helped out occasionally by Jonathan Cohen who would be sat at the piano, and the rounds would consist of various questions about different genres of music and “do you know what this song is”-style challenges. The final round was quickfire questions on the buzzer, with the winning contestant having the chance for a clip of one of their favourite songs to be shown to end the programme. vlcsnap-01282

The Music Game was a rare HTV West production for Channel 4, and although it was enjoyable it didn’t make a huge impact with viewers and it doesn’t even have a Wikipedia entry, but it did last for a couple of series in primetime. Looking back it clearly fills the gap in music-based game shows between Counterpoint and Never Mind The Buzzcocks. A while ago I found a couple of episodes on some old tapes and looking back now the show does come across as the quirky type of thing that used to appear regularly on Channel 4 in those days.


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