My 200th post.

I have now reached my 200th blog post so here’s a quick a look at what I have already achieved on here and what is still planned to bring you.

TV. I have already shared lots of TV memories of some of my favourite programmes that I have enjoyed watching over the years. There’s still more to come, and a few other things, including some more memories of the On Digital days and TV magazines.

Games. I haven’t written about my memories of computer games on here yet, but I plan to do so. I’ll be looking back at some of the consoles and games that I owned, plus some of my favourite characters, and also reviewing a few old gaming magazines that I liked to read.

Music. I plan to write more about music on here too. There’ll be some more reviews of old TOTP episodes, plus a look at some compilations and I also plan to pick an old top 100 at random and list my favourite songs on the chart.

CBBC/CITV. I haven’t got too many more children’s TV memories to share now, but there will be more including a look at some cartoons that I liked to watch and more Saturday Morning shows.

Continuity. Soon I plan to have a look at some of the ITV regions, reviewing some of my favourite announcers, local news and any other things that I like the look of.

Game shows. As you might have realised I really like game shows. There aren’t too many left for me to review now, and I’ll also do some more first and final series comparisons of shows and look at the careers of some of my favourite hosts.

Comics. There are more comic reviews to come, including looking at some more comics page-by-page and writing about some of my favourite characters and artists.

YouTube. I’m always on the lookout for any old clips on YouTube of shows that I didn’t see first time round or anything just plain odd, so more of those will be reviewed here.

Radio. This is something else that I haven’t written about on here yet but I will share some of memories of my favourite radio comedies, plus some of the presenters and stations that I have enjoyed listening to.

Comedy. There are still lots more reviews of comedy shows from my DVD collection to share, and I’ll look back at some of my favourite characters too.

I would like to thank everyone for their support and interest in this blog, comments about my pieces continue to be welcome and the ones that I have received so far have been very enjoyable, I’m flattered by your interest. This blog has now had almost 10,000 views in six months and I hope that people will continue to look at and enjoy my pieces, and hopefully I can put enough articles about the things that I’ve enjoyed together to at least get to the end of the year.


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