More TV Memories – FAQ.

FAQ (Channel 5, 2002-2003)

FAQ was a show that ran for two series on Channel 5 on Sunday afternoons. I presume that not many people saw it and there is isn’t much about it online, I can’t find a Wikipedia entry or anything like that, but because I remember watching it I thought I would share my memories to give the show its moment in the spotlight.

FAQ was a pop science show aimed at teenage viewers, sort-of trying to be a more trendy How 2, where frequently asked questions about the world such as “is time travel possible?” were answered and there were also other features including a look at the latest technology, plus all the best websites and bizarre facts. Although I did find all of this interesting what was also good about the show was the enjoyable trio of presenters so let’s have a look at who they were. vlcsnap-01119

First of all there was Emily Newton-Dunn. She attracted me to the show because I remember watching her on the great late-night Channel 4 computer games show Bits which had ended by the time FAQ began. She was the only one to host both series but after the show ended I don’t remember seeing her on TV much after that. vlcsnap-01118

Secondly there was Marc Crumpton. He also hosted a few other programmes on Channel 5 around this time and his career seemed to taking off, around the time FAQ aired I remember seeing him as a celebrity panellist on ITV’s Blankety Blank with Paul O’Grady and I thought that he seems to be going up in the world. But then I don’t remember seeing him much again because for the second series he was replaced by Steve “series 7 of Live & Kicking” Wilson. But if you’re out there, Marc… hello. vlcsnap-01116

Finally there was Alex Zane. Now Alex definitely is still presenting regularly on TV, including doing that programme that features laughing at clips of people falling over on YouTube which is on Channel 4 all the time. He was replaced in the second series by none other than veteran presenter and TV Cream hero Derek Griffiths. Yes, really. vlcsnap-01117

If I had one negative point about the show it would be the irritating wobbly camerawork, which seemed to come across as trying to be in a “it’s only for kids”-style. Some of us can sit still, you know! Apart from that though FAQ was an enjoyable show. I always found weekend afternoons on Channel 5 very really enjoyable to watch in this era when I was in my late-teens, not only was there FAQ, but I also liked Harry and Cosh, The Tribe, Daria, and others, but they’ve all gone now and Channel 5 don’t show programmes like this any more which is really disappointing. vlcsnap-01120

2 thoughts on “More TV Memories – FAQ.

  1. Sarah Lund says:

    I love Marc. I had a huge crush on him as a teen. I always used to watch him on Planet Pop, which he used to host with June Sarpong. Good times 🙂


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