More TV Memories – defunct Freeview channels (Part 2).

Here’s the second and final part of my memories of TV channels that are no longer on Freeview.

Marketplace. I don’t remember much about this one, it was only on air for a few hours a day, yet another shopping channel I think.
Men and Motors. A long-running channel aimed at men which showed repeats of The Professionals a lot that was eventually replaced by ITV4.
Nuts TV. A spin-off from the now closed men’s magazine featuring documentaries about football and things like that.
Price-Drop TV. Is it really all over? Bid’s great companion channel which has now gone to the great TV screen in the sky. vlcsnap-00879Quiz Call. Another phone in and win channel. This one was enjoyable to watch for a little while as it had some good presenters but some of the puzzles were ridiculous. vlcsnap-01088Sky Sports News. I used to enjoy watching this channel when it featured Soccer Saturday with Jeff Stelling, but I didn’t watch it much apart from that as it usually just consisted of news of the latest footballers to be injured.
Sky Three. This channel was eventually replaced by Pick.
Sky Travel. I didn’t watch this one much but it was good when they occasionally had an around the world feature showing you live pictures from various countries.
Smile TV. Another channel with awful quiz and Babestation-style programming which was made on a budget of about 10p.
Teachers’ TV. This channel only ever seemed to be on air really late at night. It featured programming about education but barely anybody saw it because it was niche to say the least and it’s long since closed.
Thomas Cook TV. Another travel channel offering you deals on holidays.
TMF. This was a good channel at first showing various pop videos, but after a while they just started showing regular programming all the time until they were replaced by Viva. vlcsnap-01087TV News. Another channel that only seemed to be on for a short time every day,
TV Travel Shop. Yet another channel wanting to sell you a holiday.
UK History. A channel featuring historical documentaries, sort-of still going now under the name Yesterday.
UKTV Bright Ideas. A spin-off of the UK Style-type channels featuring loads of house makeover shows and not much else.
Virgin1. The replacement for FTN.
Viva. This was another music channel that didn’t seem that interested in showing many pop videos, it’s been recently replaced by Spike.
Xtraview. Finally, an odd one this. When subscription service Top-Up TV was on Freeview, for a short while there was a channel where if you phoned the number on-screen you would be given a code. If you entered the code on your remote control it would unlock the channel for the night which was showing a selection of what you could get on the service, so for example you could watch UK Gold for a few hours for free.


2 thoughts on “More TV Memories – defunct Freeview channels (Part 2).

  1. Des Elmes says:

    Men & Motors was, infamously, the longest-running of the four channels launched by the Granada Sky Broadcasting joint venture on 1 October 1996.

    The most successful of the four, however – and the only other one to survive into Freeview days – was Plus, which of course showed repeats of Corrie, Emmerdale and other shows from the Granada, LWT and Yorkshire archives (and even a few old BBC shows, too). Plus was abruptly replaced by the near-identical ITV3 on 1 November 2004 – transmission ceasing halfway through an episode of Pie in the Sky.

    Technically, Men & Motors *wasn’t* replaced by ITV4, despite the two channels being largely similar – such was M&M’s popularity at the time of ITV4’s launch, on 1 November 2005, that the new channel instead time-shared with the ITV News Channel (which closed down the following month). Most of M&M’s programmes *were* transferred to ITV4, however, when the now 13½-year-old channel finally bit the dust on 1 April 2010.

    Meanwhile, Quiz Call as a channel closed in 2007 – but, of course, the operation lived on for another two years, in the small hours on Channel 5. As with other phone-in quizzes, I watched it more often than not, though only for the presenters – Liz Fuller in particular. (Well, you can see why she was Miss Great Britain in 1997…)


  2. Charlii Grande says:

    Not on Freeview but there was another Babestation/Quizmania/The Hits/Nuts TV-type channel called CharliiTV that was only on Sky, in the specialist section from 2006/7 that consisted of premium rate phone-in quizzes, teleshopping, specialist segments fronted by dated unknowns with text-to-select pop videos (basically a Smile TV clone). Aired from after 10pm-8:30am. Like most quiz channels, CharliiTV ceased broadcasting in 2007 due to the phone-in scandals and never returned since. Long forgotten & obscure.


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