Game Show Memories – parodies (Part 2).

Here’s a look at some more of my favourite game show parodies.

A Bit Of Fry And Laurie. There were a few memorable game show parodies in this great sketch show. There was the fictional Don’t Be Dirty!, where contestants were challenged to, well, not be dirty. There were also of course parodies of the daytime shows Going For Gold and Countdown which turned out to be one of their most memorable sketches with viewers. Also, many years earlier Fry and Laurie wwre among the cast of the of the sketch show Alfresco which also featured a couple of parodies including one of University Challenge which seemed to be made in the actual studio for that show, but as both shows were produced by Granada that presumably wasn’t too difficult to arrange. vlcsnap-01055

Naked Video. This comedy sketch show did parodies of various things that were around in the 80s, and one of the most memorable ones was of the game show Bullseye. Now I am a big fan of this game show but I must admit that I thought that the sketch was very good, being very similar to the way that the show was presented and also mocking some of the prizes that were available on the show as the couple that took the final gamble went on to win Bully’s Star Prize which turned out to be a big pile of manure. Still probably more useful than a speedboat though. vlcsnap-01056

The Peter Serafinowicz Show. Like Adam and Joe, Peter seems to be one of those people who has watched a lot of odd TV over the years so his parodies of various shows were very accurate and funny. His sketch show series featured parodies of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and The Weakest Link, both these shows were both popular at the time and have been spoofed many times, but Peter provided an odd twist to them. First of all Who Wants To Be A Millionaire was done in the style of a heads or tails coin tossing game, with Peter playing a Chris Tarrant-style presenter who increased the tension of what side the coin will come down on way out of all proportion much to the contestant’s frustration. Not long after there was a game show that did this idea for real and it wasn’t a big success. There was also What Hand Is It In which was a The Weakest Link-style parody. Any contestant who picked the incorrect hand would receive an Anne Robinson-style ticking off and be made to feel the failure that they were. vlcsnap-01057

End Of Part One. This great sketch show parodied lots of shows rather savagely, and lots of game shows that were around at the time came in for a not very affectionate ribbing, including some frankly bizarre interpretations of shows including Call My Bluff, Mr & Mrs, The Generation Game and Sale Of The Century. You’ll never be able to look at them in the same way again. vlcsnap-01054


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