Game Show Memories – parodies (Part 1).

For a change instead of reviewing an actual game show today, I thought that it would be interesting to have a look back at some parodies of game shows that have appeared in various comedy shows over the years. I will include reviewing parodies of real shows, plus fictional ones created for a show, and see how they compare with the real thing. This piece will be in two parts, with a look at five parodies in each piece.

Quizzlestick (The Adam And Joe Show). Now surprisingly some viewers found the rules to this show rather complicated but you can work out how to play after a while. Every day two contestants take part and answer questions on various categories, and then, ooh, all types of exciting things can happen, which makes tactical play very important. This was a great parody of daytime game shows, I can just imagine Adam and Joe had watched a lot of them over the years and decided that it would be a good idea to do a spoof of them. They also did a parody of the Channel 5 show 100% which was renamed 200% and again it was amusingly odd. Quizzlestick 3

The Critical Factor (The Armstrong And Miller Show). This is of course a parody of the classic show The Krypton Factor. The sketch did remind me of the 80s era of that show, right down to the set design and green and red symbol, clearly someone had watched a few old episodes in preparation. The contestants had to tackle the usual mental and physical challenges. Where it differs from The Krypton Factor however is that I don’t remember the lowest-scoring contestant at the end of every round being shot. These games just get tougher and tougher. vlcsnap-01053

Piffle (Chewin’ The Fat). This was a good parody of game shows where the aim was to set tongues wagging. Two contestants took part. A celebrity (but usually someone of the “used to do the weather on Grampian” variety) was joined by their Piffle Patter Punter Partner. The aim was to simply tell the funniest anecdotes that they could in the available time, and it was always enjoyable watching the pair try and outdo one another with increasingly outrageous and sometimes even saucy tales from their lives which always caused great outbreaks of laughter with viewers. This one really should have been made for real. Piffle 4Numberwang (That Mitchell And Webb Look). Another parody of a show with somewhat nonsensical rules, and it was a really impressive one. Two contestants battled it out in every show to find the correct numbers, and everyone could play along at home too. There was also great excitement when they rotated the board and when the eventual winner was discovered they won a lot of prizes. Brilliant stuff. Numberwang 3

Gold Rush (Only Fools And Horses). Featuring in the 2001 Christmas special, the story goes that they wanted to Del Boy to appear on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire to trey and make himself a few bob, but it couldn’t be arranged in time so this fictional show was concocted which was hosted by Jonathan Ross. Three contestants took part. Unfortunately Del went on to make a right plonker of himself right in front of everyone and missed out on the star prize as he found the rules somewhat difficult to grasp. goldrush

I’ll be back with part two soon.


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