More TV Memories – The 1999 ITV Generic Look (Part 2).


LWT did use the look… and then they didn’t. It seems that they weren’t particularly impressed with their ident which featured their symbol that they introduced in 1996 not doing that much, it wasn’t particularly showbizzy. So in March 2000 they actually replaced it with their own generic ident which was much more lively. There were a few variations for different types of programming and the music was tweaked a few times too. vlcsnap-01203


Meridian did use the look, which retained the sun/moon symbol that they had used since their launch in 1993. vlcsnap-01047

Scottish didn’t use the look. They were still using their thistle ident at the time which had been around for many years at this point, and was finally retired in February 2000 for the blue square look which Grampian took on the same day. There was no generic ident made for them.

Tyne Tees did use the look, another region to feature a yellow and blue version of their symbol. Not long after they also introduced an ident that was only used before local programmes, which featured a different “TTTV” symbol to the one on the generic ident. And yet this branding still didn’t come across as shambolic as the “Channel 3 North East” era from the mid-90s. vlcsnap-01048

UTV didn’t use the look. They had successfully established their look under the abbreviated UTV name in which was introduced in 1993 and they had no plans to change it, and I believe that an ident wasn’t made for them.

Westcountry didn’t use the look. One of the smaller ITV regions, they were another along with Central to be “Carltonised”, so it was the star for them, replacing the “W” symbol that had been on screen since the start of 1993. vlcsnap-01041

Yorkshire did use the look, which featured their famous chevron symbol. Like Tyne Tees they also used a regional ident during this time, but at least it featured the same symbol. vlcsnap-01049

As well as this, there were a few changes along the way. In August 2001 ITV was renamed ITV1 and the idents were adjusted accordingly. There were also variations which featured the website address, and also ones which featured the ITV2 symbol when there was some cross promotion.  vlcsnap-01051

There were also a few special versions made for occasions including Christmas, and the hearts look was also used on various other things including breakbumpers, credits, endcaps and trails. This look continued until October 2002, and you really don’t need to know what happened to ITV’s look after that.


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