More TV Memories – Football gaffes tapes.

All Of Those Amusing “Football Gaffes” Compilation Tapes

This isn’t a TV memory as such but I still remember this era and want to tell you about it. As I said before, I’ve never really been any good at playing sport, but I have watched a lot, and for a while in the 90s there was a successful market for amusing compilations of strange things happening in football matches being released on VHS.

The best remembered ones must be the series that was hosted by Danny Baker. His Own Goals And Gaffs was about an hour or so of bizarre moments. These tapes were well researched and long-suffering Millwall fan Danny added his own witty observations. After the success of this, there was a sequel released which kept up the laughs. vlcsnap-00944

As well as this, Danny also hosted a more straightforward tape called Whose Season Was It Anyway?, which took a look back at the action in the 1992/93 season. He also hosted Right Hammerings, which featured teams winning by huge margins, and The Fabulous World Of Freak Football. The goalie has got football pie all over his face! vlcsnap-00945

In the mid-90s Stoke fan Nick Hancock, who was best known for being the host of the comedy game show They Think It’s All Over at the time, came along with his own series of mishaps. I remember having all three that he made, Football Nightmares, Football Hell and Football Doctor, and again there were lots of funny moments. vlcsnap-00942

This seemed to cause a big rise of releases in this area of the marketplace, with lots of various sportspeople and personalities including Johnny Vaughan looking back at the odder moments in various sports, but I do think that the ones hosted by Danny Baker and Nick Hancock were the best out of all of them, and they sold very well. vlcsnap-00943

Entering the 2000s, there were a few more releases in this era, now on DVD. I remember for Christmas one year I got Mark And Lard’s Football Nightmares. This was released just after they had left Radio 1 and might even have been the last thing that they did together. Again this was very enjoyable and had lots of great moments. vlcsnap-00946

The master triumphantly returned at the end of the 2000s however when Danny Baker hosted a new lot of Own Goals And Gaffs which had taken place in more recent years. Also around this time he had a book released which he wrote alongside Spurs fan Danny Kelly where they looked back at some great football moments and tried to settle some classic arguments once and for all. vlcsnap-00947

Having very much enjoyed the radio programmes that they have hosted about football on various stations over the years, this is a great book and I recommend it. It’s just a shame that all the jokes Danny made on the DVD he also used in the book too. Nowadays they host a show on BT Sport which continues to look at football in an amusing style like no-one else can and long may they continue to do so.

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