Saturday Morning Memories – Going Live!

Going Live! (CBBC, 1987-1993)

Over three hours of organised chaos coming to you live every Saturday Morning from the BBC. After a couple of enjoyable years pushing the buttons in the Broom Cupboard, Phillip Schofield was chosen to be one of the main presenters of the show, alongside Sarah Greene who had been a presenter on CBBC since the early-80s, and they worked very well together. vlcsnap-00929

Every week they would be joined by the likes of Emma Forbes for the cookery slot, Phillip’s old friend Gordon The Gopher, and also Trevor and Simon, who appeared in five of the six series and were always around with some of their wide variety of characters to perform a silly comedy sketch or a lovely song, and they gained a big pants-swinging fanbase. There were also great crazy game shows including Double Dare and Run The Risk with Peter Simon. vlcsnap-00926

There were also the usual features such as cartoons including Alvin And The Chipmunks, and debates about various topics such as fashion and the environment, and once again it was a show where if you were a big pop group of the time or just a fancy showbiz name it was one of the most important places to be seen. They always had their phone at the ready to take questions from the viewers at home and in the studio. There were also plenty of competitions too and they used to receive a huge amount of postcards. vlcsnap-00928

As the weeks went by it was clear that everyone was having a good time, and I am sure that Phillip is thrilled that the most-repeated moment from the show is the time when he was hit in the face with a conker. It must have been shown hundreds of times on TV by now. There were also a few special editions of the show done on location, and a few pre-recorded Christmas specials. vlcsnap-00927

Going Live! eventually ran for six successful series and is one of the more popular and fondly-remembered of all the Saturday Morning shows, it was just straightforward entertainment and was nominated for many awards. There were no plots where it was supposed to be set in space or somewhere like that and there were no aliens in the presenting line-up. Or at least I think there weren’t. It is once again definitely a show that I remember enjoying watching regularly.

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