Remembering BBC Choice – Part 3.

Here’s the third and final part looking back at some of the best shows on this long-gone channel. main-66

Radio 1 TV. Various Radio 1 presenters introduced live performances and interviews with the current hottest bands around, plus a look behind the scenes of various shows.

The Ralf Little Show. The star of such shows as The Royle Family was given his own show featuring guests and comedy sketches. Notable for featuring the first appearance of the Lou and Andy characters who would go on to star in the TV version of Little Britain which made its debut on the first night of BBC3.

The RDA. A topical comedy show that I don’t remember seeing much but was popular with those who did. Comedian John Gordillo looked back at the news of the day, plus various sketches and interviews with celebrities, if he could get any to appear on the show. vlcsnap-00864

Recovered. Dermot O’Leary hosts the music show where various acts perform covers of classic songs.

Roadtripping. Cat Deeley and Edith Bowman (who were also presenters on MTV at the time) travel together across Europe.

Row Z. A live show where people in the studio debated the latest sport news, and viewers could phone and email too with their views.

Screen Grabs. A look back at some of the more unusual moments from the BBC archives.

Simply Complicated. A game show where contestants had to make everyday things out of unusual items, sort of a modern version of The Great Egg Race which was occasionally repeated on the channel.

The Sin Bin. Another sport show, this one hosted by Matt Smith and Ian Broudie of “Three Lions” fame.

So Far. BBC Choice seemed to change its viewing policy all the time, for a while in 2000 they had the strand “Refreshing TV”, where all the primetime shows were 15 minutes long and repeated endlessly. This one took a look back at the careers of various celebrities. I remember one featuring Ant And Dec which had loads of clips from their Byker Grove days. main-38

Stupid Punts. A comedy game show hosted by Patrick Kielty. Every week four celebrities bet on what would they thought would happen in silly stunts. Whoever made the most money by the end was the winner!

Terri McIntyre. A bizarre sitcom that was set in a tanning salon with various characters. David Tennant was also in it. I wonder whatever happened to him? vlcsnap-00865

But I’m not done yet…

Other programming. As well as all this, BBC Choice also showed repeats as a sort-of “catch-up” service. Comedies, soaps and drama appeared regularly. There were also imported dramas, the occasional film and live sport, and even some theme nights.

Continuity. BBC Choice used five idents in their launch, with the same word being represented in three different ways, such as a bowl of punch, a Mr Punch puppet, and a boxing glove punch. This idea also could have also worked well for BBC3. By 2000 they only started to use one of these idents, and then they gave it a dodgy re-edit. In 2001 these were replaced by three orange cubes floating round, again this idea could’ve worked on BBC3. This continued until the relaunch in 2003. There were also until 2001 regional variations for viewers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and they even got their own in-vision continuity!

There’ll be another look in the OnDigital archive from me some time soon.


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