More TV Memories – Miss-Takes.

Miss-Takes (BBC2, 1994)

Isn’t it funny when people make mistakes on live TV? Indeed, there have been several funny “bloopers” shows over the years, with the BBC’s Auntie’s Bloomers and ITV’s It’ll Be Alright On The Night being the most famous and successful examples, although there have been many others. I wanted to review an outtakes-type show because I have enjoyed watching them over the years, so I have decided to look back at this very little-known show that I found an episode of on an old tape. vlcsnap-00784

Miss-Takes was a 15 minute show that was written and presented by John Pitman, seemingly in his bedroom. He would introduce various clips from the BBC archive with some droll commentary and each episode had a different theme, providing once again the old adage that what can go wrong, will go wrong. The episode that I have features news and TV presenters having mishaps which are rather funny. vlcsnap-00785

Most of the clips on the show had done the rounds somewhat, lots of them had already appeared on Auntie’s Bloomers and presumably Christmas tapes too and they were accompanied by some curious canned laughter. The clips included the brilliantly named reporter Chris Rainbow having some difficulty doing his piece to camera. Honestly, six takes and he still can’t get it right. vlcsnap-00786

Also turning up was a often-repeated clip of the news presenter Laurie Meyer who has having to do some of those nodding shots for cutaways, but because the interview had already ended he was just sitting there looking at an empty chair and the daftness of the situation made him laugh endlessly, it is very funny but it’s not as good as the one where he made a mistake on the news and then tried to eat his piece of paper. vlcsnap-00787

We all make mistakes… even great presenters such as Phillip Schofield and Rob Curling also turned up among others forgetting their words and making a cock-up of things too. Oh well, we must all suffer for our art sometimes. vlcsnap-00783

One of the most curious things about the show was that because of its length it was treated as a “filler” programme and was usually shown in the mid-90s on BBC2 at various times or on BBC1 in the afternoon before Children’s BBC started. Having a look on the BBC Genome the scheduling was indeed rather erratic and it seems that only five episodes were ever made. vlcsnap-00788

Goodness knows why this show existed, Miss-Takes seemed to be made on a budget of about 10p and there were only three people in the credits. There’s no Wikipedia entry for the show and the only other reference I can find on the internet beyond the Genome is on TV Cream which said that they set the video once for a repeat of an episode that was planned to be shown on BBC1 at 4:25am following the conclusion of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics coverage for the night but it wasn’t shown because the basketball overran. And it doesn’t get more obscure than that.

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