CBBC Memories – Hububb.

Hububb (CBBC, 1997-2001)

In the 90s I remember the comedian Les Bubb appearing in various adverts and programmes. I thought he was very funny with a great style of physical comedy and mime, so when he got his own show on CBBC in 1997 I was very pleased.

Les starred in Hububb, where in the first series he played a pizza delivery man… with attitude! He was always riding around the streets of Edinburgh on his trusty bike before he would get caught up in some chaos. Each episode was 15 minutes long and they were virtually dialogue free, with Les’s ability to make silly faces and fall over in endlessly amusing ways as everything descended into farce always being funny. vlcsnap-00771

By the second series Les had moved on to working at a delivery firm and once again got himself into some rather bizarre situations, and the show with its silly style was similar to Mr Bean at times. vlcsnap-00772

There were a few other regular cast members in Hububb who played various parts in the episodes. These included Elaine C “Rab C Nesbitt’s wife” Smith and also Ben Keaton of “no round envelopes for me, no way Jose” fame, and he and Les also wrote a lot of the episodes themselves. Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill of Chewin’ The Fat and Still Game fame also wrote some. vlcsnap-00768

Hububb ran for five series although unfortunately I didn’t see many of the later episodes as I had stopped watching CBBC regularly by the time it ended in 2001, but I was always entertained by the ones that I did see and I wish I had watched more. Les is a great talent and once again a DVD release would be great to relive those funny and bizarre moments.

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