CITV Memories – Harry’s Mad.

Harry’s Mad (CITV, 1993-1996)

Harry’s Mad was a CITV sitcom that was based on a best-selling book written by the children’s author Dick King-Smith in 1984. One day young Harry Holdsworth inherits a Macaw parrot from his eccentric uncle George called Madison (the “Mad” in the title) and whadda you know, it can talk! Not only that, Madison is something of a wisecracking character with an American accent who likes to tell lots of jokes and imitate voices. vlcsnap-00732

Harry’s parents (his dad was played by the bloke off Brush Strokes) can not believe it and Harry and Madison go on to have lots of adventures as the series progresses. His schoolmates get involved as well, and Mad gets everyone into and out of lots of scrapes. When Madison wasn’t talking a real parrot was used, but when he was, an animatronic parrot was used that was voiced by Anthony Asbury. vlcsnap-00731

The third series featured a change of format. Harry actually left the series, supposedly because he was concentrating on doing his GCSEs, but don’t let anything like the main character not being in the show any more stop the show from continuing, and he was replaced by Hattie and Jools, who like Harry were kept very entertained by Mad’s antics. Harry’s parents now ran a hotel called the Madison Guest House, and every week lots of different people turned up who all got caught up in Mad’s antics. Harry did return for the fourth and final series though. vlcsnap-00733

Harry’s Mad eventually ran for 36 episodes and I do remember watching the show regularly, it was always enjoyable and it livened up many a Monday afternoon in the mid-90s, and watching a few episodes again on YouTube definitely brought back a lot of good memories. vlcsnap-00730

Harry’s Mad also featured a few guest stars throughout its run including Colin Baker, Michaela Strachan and Steve Davis. It is another show that I would definitely be interested in if it was ever released on DVD, but because Dave Lee Travis also featured in an episode there’s probably zero chance of that ever happening now. Thanks, Dave!


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