The Comedy Vault – Father Ted (part 2).


6. FATHER AUSTIN PURCELL (“Think Fast, Father Ted”) vlcsnap-00646

Father Purcell is of course the world’s most boring priest. He just likes to stand there and talk about very dull subjects in his annoying voice, whether anyone is listening or not. He has lots of opinions on things such as round envelopes, numbers and boilers. And if you hang around long enough, he might even tell you about the advice that his father gave him if he can remember it, and what his favourite humming noise is.

7. FATHER DAMIEN LENNON (“The Old Grey Whistle Theft”) vlcsnap-00647

My favourite one-off character in Father Ted, Father Damo as everyone calls him is the anti-Dougal. He is rather surly and likes to greet everyone by saying “howya?”. One of his favourite things is playing football with Dougal, who really looks up to him. He lives with Father Frost but they don’t get on, with him often saying “Frosty, he ain’t the boss of me!”. He also enjoys playing Street Fighter II with Dougal and often has discussions with him about what his favourite Britpop band is which was a very important debate in the country at the time. It is even implied at one point that Damo has given Dougal drugs. One day Damo steals a whistle and the whole of society on Craggy Island breaks down, with even a special pullout section on whistles in the newspaper, and the owner of the whistle losing the use of his legs because of the shock. Ted identifies Damo as a bad role model and thinks that he’ll end up corrupt, not that Dougal cares. What a guy.

8. FRED RICKWOOD (“A Song For Europe”) vlcsnap-00648

Fred is the host of the A Song For Europe competition. Off-stage he can come across as rather disheveled and rambling but he is transformed the moment he comes on stage, and the production team often praise his professionalism. He works alongside Charles and they decide the winner, going for the somewhat unfancied “My Lovely Horse”. He does insist though that it was simply the best song, which of course it was.

9. FATHER FITZGERALD (“A Christmassy Ted”) vlcsnap-00649

By all means Father Todd Unctious, but my favourite character in the Christmas special is Father Fitzgerald. His character is that he’s got a really dull voice, and that’s it really, but it’s great. People often can’t concentrate on what he is saying because his voice is so dull. A great comedy character creation, I would’ve liked to see more of him, but then it wouldn’t have worked as well.

10. PAT MUSTARD (“Speed 3”) vlcsnap-00650

Pat is a dirty old milkman who seems to have come right out of a “saucy” 1970s film. He has a big moustache, a hairy chest, wears a medallion and likes to give his female customers more than just their milk. He loses his job after losing his trousers one time too many and plots his revenge by planting a bomb on the milkfloat the Dougal takes over, hoping that the huge explosion will result in blowing his face into the side of a tree. However the plan backfires on him somewhat.


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