CBBC Memories – The Friday Zone.

The Friday Zone (CBBC, 1997)

The Friday Zone was CBBC’s crazy entertainment show where anything could happen to round off the week. There were lots of presenters on the show including dear old Peter Simon, Chris Jarvis, Josie D’Arby, Emma Lee, Debra Stephenson, and a young magician making one of his earliest television appearances called Dominic Wood who I think is going to go far on children’s TV. vlcsnap-00656

The Friday Zone was over an hour long and went out live in front of a rather lively studio audience. There were lots of features and comedy sketches on the show, most of them usually resulting in Peter being covered in gunge which was always very amusing, and the latest pop groups also turned up to perform their hit singles. vlcsnap-00652

There were also cartoons with The Real Adventures Of Jonny Quest and The Popeye Show, and the show always ended with a big daft sketch where all the presenting team took part. vlcsnap-00657

There were also two spin-offs of The Friday Zone. The Christmas Zone, which started off the series in December 1996, and Comic Relief special The Red Nose Zone in March 1997 where lots of extra CBBC stars turned up including The Demon Headmaster. It was a rather ambitious idea and it had a lot of fun moments, but unfortunately it only lasted for one series, it’s a shame they didn’t do more.


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