Game Show Memories – Telly Addicts 2.

Telly Addicts 2 (BBC1, 1997-1998)

About a year after the original format of Telly Addicts ended, the show returned with wholesale changes and a new look, with only the show’s title and Noel Edmonds as host surviving, although he had put the hoofer-doofer and horrid sweaters away and now wore a nice suit and tie, and he was very impressed with the new set design. He was introduced as “the man who can make Britain smile… by leaving it”. There was even a new opening title sequence and theme. vlcsnap-00599

First of all, there were now three teams of two taking part and it was no longer a knockout format. The first edition of this era of the show was a celebrity special featuring Shane Richie and Claudia Winkleman, Coronation Street‘s Angela Griffin and Tracy Shaw, and good old Ant & Dec competing against one another. vlcsnap-00600

There were also lots of new rounds and plenty of pointless running about which Noel seems to like doing, which each round taking place in a different part of the studio. Noel seems to like his firsts and spent a lot of the show saying “this round is new to Telly Addicts!”. In the first round each team was given a TV clip to watch and then they had to answer three questions about the show. In the next round the teams were given a TV programme and had one minute to talk about the show. They had to take it in turns and swapped over when Noel pressed his button. There was a list of ten things that they were expected to say about the show and they scored a point for each one. Cue lots of laughing at their frantic descriptions.


The next round was the celebrity box. There was a special guest celebrity hidden in a box and the teams had to answer a question correctly to get a clue as to who it was and then they could have one guess. There was a bonus for who guessed right and then the celebrity asked a bonus question. The lowest-scoring team at this point was knocked out. vlcsnap-00602

Then it’s down the stairs for the next round, the Pyramid. One team member was nominated and picked one of four categories. They then entered the Pyramid to answer questions on the subject, one point for each correct answer. vlcsnap-00603

Then it was time to run back up the stairs for World TV. Some clips of TV shows from a country were shown and then the teams were asked about what they saw. Raiders Of The Lost Archive was the final round where there were nine classic clips to choose from. Then it was revealed whether the question was worth one, three or five points. When they ran out of time, again the lowest-scoring team were knocked out and it was time for the final, time to run again. vlcsnap-00604

In Stairway To The Stars the winning team had one minute. There was a step with some famous names on it. Noel would give a clue and if they picked the right name they could go to the next step. If they reached the top step in time they won the star prize of the holiday. Noel was looking forward to the series by saying “we’ll be back with this monumentally huge Telly Addicts in the new year – but the bonus is we’ll have real people then!” vlcsnap-00605

Noel’s career with the BBC was nearing its end at this point, his House Party was no longer what it used to be and it must have been thought that this new version of Telly Addicts would help the show to keep going for a few more years, but viewers didn’t really like it and there was only one series in this format before it finally left our screens in 1998.


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