CITV Memories – Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It.

Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It (CITV, 1985-1988)

Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It is a CITV comedy sketch show that is a little before my time that I had heard a lot about but never seen, I had always wanted to watch it so recently I was very pleased when I found a complete episode on YouTube, thanks go to the uploader Richard Hannay for finally letting me have the chance to see and review this show. vlcsnap-00562

The show was made by Central and the cast were a group of teenagers known as the Central Junior Television Workshop. Now I imagine that Central was the only ITV region to have such a thing, letting a lot of young talent appear on the screen, but it was a great idea. The show starts with Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It appearing in a ransom note-style typeface and a rowdy studio audience – so we are about to experience some AnArChY, right? vlcsnap-00561

There were lots of daft sketches on the show, with one of the most memorable being Palace Hill, a parody of CBBC’s Grange Hill imagining Prince William and Prince Harry at school. This was popular enough to gain a spin-off which ran for three series from 1988 to 1991 and I do remember watching that one. vlcsnap-00564

There were lots of vaguely rude jokes too and many custard pies were casually thrown about to get a big laugh. There was also a weird-looking puppet thing called Tapeworm who would occasionally turn up and tell some awful jokes too. vlcsnap-00560

One of the cast members who went on to bigger things was Steve Ryde. After this show ended in 1993 he went on to become The Voice Of CITV for five years and also appeared in a few other shows. He then put all of his experience of working in children’s TV to good use by going on to be one of the production team of CBBC’s brilliant Dick And Dom Shriek Their Heads Off For Two Hours, one of the best children’s TV shows that I’ve ever seen. vlcsnap-00563

Your Mother Wouldn’t Like It ran for three series and was always shown as the final show of the week on Fridays on CITV. It definitely seems a great way to have kicked off the weekend for viewers in the mid-80s. It also won a Bafta but no episodes have been released on DVD. I am very pleased that I have finally seen at least one episode of this show for myself and I most certainly do like it.


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