More TV Memories – Harry And Cosh.

Harry and Cosh (Channel 5, 1999-2003)

I came across Harry and Cosh one day while channel hopping one dull afternoon and right away I became a fan of the show. I don’t remember ever seeing any articles about the show in any newspapers or magazines and there appears to be little online. So what exactly was Harry and Coshvlcsnap-00520

Was it a sitcom? Was it a drama? What I do know about it was that it was about the adventures of two teenage boys called, er, Harry and Cosh. We also meet a few other characters, including Harry’s mum, some of his classmates including the glamorous Lucinda, and his crazy teacher Miss Spackman. vlcsnap-00530

And that was about it really. Almost 50 episodes of Harry and Cosh were made and as they were at school all throughout the run they all must have been in their twenties by the end but you’re not supposed to notice that. vlcsnap-00535

A few things did stand out about Harry and Cosh. First of all it was created, written and directed by Daniel “A Bunch Of Wallies” Peacock. Also, it began with a bizarre title sequence that had nothing to do with the rest of the show which is always something that I like. Add into this some weird camera angles and creative plots even though it was clearly very low-budget and it became a very watchable show. vlcsnap-00534

Most odd of all about Harry and Cosh though was the scheduling of the show. It was shown on Channel 5 on Saturday afternoons, but only seemingly when they felt like it. When it did appear, the running time of episodes varied from about 15 to 25 minutes, the episode order was all over the place and it always seemed to be in a different timeslot, but usually around the 2pm mark. vlcsnap-00532

It seemed that Channel 5 didn’t really know what to do with this show but we should be grateful that it exists at all, you definitely wouldn’t see anything like it on the channel nowadays. Unsurprisingly it wasn’t watched by viewers in its millions, there has been no DVD release, and there’s no chance of a repeat run any time soon, but it is definitely a show that I regularly enjoyed watching. vlcsnap-00531

Curiously, almost the entire cast turned up in another show that appeared on CBBC around the same time called Cavegirl. It was made by the same production company but it was rather odd seeing our heroic duo suddenly turn up doing their thing but in a desert in South Africa.


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