The Comedy Vault – The Peter Serafinowicz Show.

The Peter Serafinowicz Show (BBC2, 2007-2008)

For many years, I admired the work of the impressionist and comic actor Peter Serafinowicz, who had appeared in various great comedy shows over the years including Spaced and of course Look Around You. So when he was given a show of his own by BBC2 as part of their “Thursdays Are Funny” strand I was very pleased because Thursdays can be funny, can’t they? vlcsnap-00518

Most of the publicity for the show seemed to consist of “who is he?” and “how do you spell his surname?” but being aware of his work I expected a bizarre comedy sketch show and pleasingly that’s what happened. After the amusingly overblown title sequence it was time to meet his wide creation of characters. vlcsnap-00513

There were lots of parodies of various things including chat shows, shopping channels, game shows, films, news programmes and adverts. These might be somewhat easy targets but they was an amusingly odd twist to them, such as a chat show being hosted by a malfunctioning robot, the latest ludicrous showbusiness news or a chat line advert for Basil Fawlty impersonators. vlcsnap-00515

The most popular character was the useless businessman Brian Butterfield, whose style was based on those “have you ever had an accident that wasn’t your fault”- type adverts. It does amuse me to think that Peter must have sat there watching adverts on TV in the afternoon and getting ideas from them. vlcsnap-00514

As well as Peter there was also an impressive support cast including Sanjeev “Synthesizer Patel” Kohli and many others. Although there was a Christmas special, Peter didn’t return for a second series disappointingly, although he did go on to appear in a few more TV shows and films, and the Brian Butterfield character did appear again elsewhere, so call right now and he’ll triple the offer! vlcsnap-00517

Curiously the DVD was released by Channel 4 even though it was never shown on that channel, but it is still a great watch and Peter is a very good comedian who deserves credit for his talent, however you pronounce his surname.


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