CBBC Memories – Get Your Own Back.

Get Your Own Back (CBBC, 1991-2003)

Wouldn’t it be great if you could gain revenge on people such as parents or teachers? Well Dave Benson-Phillips seemed to think so and he hosted this memorable CBBC game show.

Every week two teams of two took part consisting of one child and one adult. The child had nominated the adult to play the game because they had often made them do something embarrassing and they wanted to get their own back on them. There were various games played over the years but the basic idea all throughout the series was that the child on the team tried to score points while the adult tried to stop them because only one team progressed to the final. vlcsnap-00483

Again, the format of the final varied throughout the series but they all had the same outcome. This is the version of the final that I remember the most. The adult would be sat above the gunk tank and they would have to face a challenge. They would be asked questions where all the answers began with the same letter, but their responses couldn’t begin with that letter. If in 45 seconds they could come up with five alternative answers they would be spared going into the gunge… for a minute or two at least. vlcsnap-00484

But if they couldn’t, the child was delighted to pull the lever and get their own back on the adult as they were thrown into a big pool of gunge, which is seemingly thought of as the ultimate humiliation on children’s TV, much to the delight of the studio audience and I must admit that I still found it funny every time. It also made Dave laugh a lot too. The child would then also receive a trophy and lots of prizes for taking part and winning. Get Your Own Back 4

Get Your Own Back was a very long-running show, remaining popular on CBBC for over a decade and it was repeated for many years after it originally ended. Dave Benson-Phillips was a great host despite his horrible shirts and there were lots of creative and fun games played. It was also one of those shows that always insisted when it returned for another series that it would be “bigger and better”, with ever-more ambitious games and ideas. Occasionally there were some celebrity specials. Get Your Own Back 8

In one of the celebrity specials Dave was a contestant himself but he wasn’t aware of this at first and it was a big surprise to him, with Peter Simon who had previously been gunged on the show standing in as host. And, of course, Dave did end up taking a flop into the gunge. And it was very funny. Let’s see how he likes it, shall we?


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