CBBC Memories – Dizzy Heights.

Dizzy Heights (CBBC, 1990-1993)

Dizzy Heights was a sitcom that ran for four series on CBBC in the early-90s. It starred a comedy double-act called Alan Heap and Mick Wall who played the characters, er, Mr Heap and Mr Wall and the idea was that they ran a seaside hotel. vlcsnap-00470

And, yes, of course, there was chaos. Usually a guest would turn up who wanted to stay in the hotel and things would go wrong, with endless amusing mishaps, much to the embarrassment of Heap and Wall. There were also some puppet mice called Morty and Myrtle who lived in the hotel. But they weren’t the stars of the show for me. The main reason that I liked to watch Dizzy Heights was because of the Gristle family. vlcsnap-00473

The Gristles were a family of puppets who were always at the hotel and watching on as all the daft things happened, and sometimes causing them too. There was mum Vera and dad Victor, and their son Eustace who was a really funny character who I always enjoyed watching. vlcsnap-00471

Indeed someone else seemed to think so because after Dizzy Heights ended Heap and Wall weren’t seen on the screen again and it was the Gristle family who got a spin-off on CBBC in 1994 called The House Of Gristle. This was a comedy sketch show that I also enjoyed, featuring more adventures with the family, and more fun with Eustace. Indeed, this led to another spin-off featuring the family in a horror story in 1995 that was terrifically called The Curious Case Of Dr Hertz Van Rental, but that was the last that was seen of the Gristles on our screens. vlcsnap-00469

Dizzy Heights and The House Of Gristle are two more shows that it would be good to see again either in repeats or released on DVD, especially because the Gristles were a terrifically odd bunch of characters and there were lots of funny moments.

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