Comic Memories – an introduction.

Along with old TV programmes, another thing that I will write about on this blog will be my memories of comics. I have been a fan of comics for many years, not the adventure ones such as 2000AD or Batman or anything like that, I’ve always enjoyed the sillier ones such as The Dandy and The Beano.

I first got into comics around the late-80s and I remember that the first annual I got for Christmas was The Dandy Book 1990 and I never really looked back, going on to collect several more annuals from various comics over the years. After a while as well as the comics from the DC Thomson range, I also became a fan of the ones published by Fleetway including Buster and Whizzer and Chips.

I also became interested in the comics that came out fortnightly and monthly, and all the spin-offs and free gifts I found rather fascinating. But after about five years of collecting I did something rather daft. In the mid-90s I had one of those “you are older now, why would you still want to look at these” moments and they were taking up a lot of room so I got rid of them which looking back wasn’t such a clever idea.

However, as I have got older I have enjoyed looking back at the part that comics played in my early days and have managed to track down a few old ones in charity shops which does compensate for some way for getting rid of my original collection. I don’t have a huge amount but I thought that this would be a good place to talk about what I have.

This will be separated into three parts really, a review of a comic, plus a closer look at some of my favourite individual characters and artists who I think deserve some acclaim. I don’t intend at any point to be the comprehensive authority on this subject, but I hope that the enthusiasm and knowledge for what I do have comes through in my writing. Also, there are lots of other great blogs talking about the history of comics in more detail so if you want more information I will recommend some of those that I enjoy in the future.

I will be having a look back at my first comic on here later, so if you like the sound of all that it would be great if you want to take a look.

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