CITV Memories – Fun House.

Fun House (CITV, 1989-1999)

It’s wacky, it’s outrageous… it’s definitely one of CITV’s best shows. Based on an American game show, Fun House was a hit with viewers for a decade, and here’s why. vlcsnap-00414Fun House was presented by Pat Sharp and his award-winning hair and he was assisted by the two cheerleaders Melanie and Martina! Every week two teams of two took part. The first part of the show featured some amusingly messy games. Unlike dear old Peter Simon on Double Dare Pat doesn’t take part in this segment, making sure that only the contestants get covered in gunge. Three games are played for 60 seconds with the team who does the best scoring 25 points, which is then followed by a bonus question for another 25 points so get those hands on those buzzers. Don’t forget the key game for those extra points! vlcsnap-00415

After this comes something different in the Fun Kart Grand Prix. Three laps around the studio collecting points, with the contestants swapping who’s in the driving seat at the end of every lap, with 25 points for taking the chequered flag, and then having the bonus points added. Whichever team has the highest score at the end of all of this can then… oh, wow, go into the Fun House! vlcsnap-00416

Lots of people watched the show over the years, but to actually have the honour of saying that you went into the Fun House… can you imagine. At this point Pat invited the studio audience to rush the stage and throw some balloons about as the 15 prizes that were offer in the various obstacles were described. The Fun House in itself was very impressive and expensive-looking, it was a huge thing that took up a large amount of the studio and it really did look like a really exciting place to be. In later series the contestants had cameras attached to their helmets which gave some of us a vague idea of what it must be like in there. vlcsnap-00413

There were two minutes on the clock. One team member went into the Fun House to collect three prize tags. Once they had, they swapped over with their team mate who collected three more. Carry on doing this until time runs out, but beware, if you find the power prize as identified by a terrifically daft sound effect, you had a chance to win the star prize which was usually a great holiday! vlcsnap-00417

Get three answers right in ten seconds to win all the prizes you found and the star prize! It was always very exciting when a team managed to do this. Fun House was usually scheduled as CITV’s final show of the week on Friday afternoons and it was always a brilliant way to start the weekend. It was a real crazy show where anything could go. vlcsnap-00418

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