More TV Memories – Sharp’s Funday.

Sharp’s Funday (ITV, 1992)

In my review of Saturday morning show What’s Up Doc I referred to the fact that Pat Sharp hosted about half a dozen editions of Top Of The Pops around 1982/1983, but he did return to the show around the 1989/1990 mark… as a performer. After leaving Radio 1, by the late-80s Pat was a presenter on Capital FM and he became very popular, so he was teamed up with fellow presenter Mick Brown to make a few pop records for charity which were rather fun.

Of course, by this time Pat was also a presenter on CITV and remains best remembered for hosting Fun House for a decade. But he also hosted this short-lived show that I do remember watching. Sharp’s Funday was a show that ran for about an hour on Sunday afternoons for a while in 1992 and I am fairly sure that it was only shown in the LWT region. vlcsnap-00388

The show really just consisted of Pat introducing a couple of shows and also having some features including competitions. The first show was Batman, an episode from the 1960s version which starred Adam West as the caped crusader many years before he became the mayor of Quahog. Sharp's Funday

The second show was WCW wrestling, sort of similar to the WWF (as it was still called at the time) and I did enjoy it but looking back now it all seems rather overblown and ridiculous, what a crazy bunch of guys. It reminds me of the phrase that magazine writers frequently used to use when reviewing the latest wrestling game which was that it was just “sweaty men in pants grappling”. vlcsnap-00385

Also on the show as well as competitions for great prizes Pat would sometimes show cartoons that viewers had sent in and it seemed to be all taking place in a strange-looking cartoon house and sometimes he would present from indoors or outside in the garden. vlcsnap-00389

When Sharp’s Funday finished it would usually be followed by the puppet sitcom Dinosaurs, another great show which I will be reviewing soon, and all of this was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. vlcsnap-00386

About a year later after Sharp’s Funday ended, Pat Sharp returned with another show that I think again was only shown in the LWT region. It was called 10 Sharp and it was shown on Saturday evenings. It was only ten minutes long and seemed to consist of Pat flying around in a spaceship and telling us about some really fab things that were happening in the region over the weekend. vlcsnap-00387

Although I didn’t record any of 10 Sharp one reason that I remember the show is because I’m sure that someone who was in my class at school at the time appeared in a feature. Ooh, look he’s on the TV! Great times.

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