CITV Memories – Round The Bend.

Round The Bend (CITV, 1989-1991)

Definitely one of the most anarchic but also one of the weirdest and funniest shows to have ever been on CITV, here’s my review of Round The Bend.

Often thought of as a cross between sketch show Spitting Image and the adult comic Viz, Round The Bend was actually mostly influenced by the crazy short-lived children’s comic Oink! which launched in 1986 before merging with Buster in 1988. vlcsnap-00375

Round The Bend was hosted by a rather temperamental puppet crocodile called Doc Croc who lived in a sewer and introduced a strange bunch of characters and cartoons. These included the rats Jemima, Vince and Luchetti. vlcsnap-00374

As well as puppetry the show also included animation, some of which was produced by the company Aardman Animations before they went on to further success with Wallace and Gromit, and there were a very bizarre range of characters including one of my favourite bits when a potato hosted the news. vlcsnap-00376

There were also lots of parodies of things including the pop stars and TV shows of the time and for some reason there was a regular feature where one of the cast would hide in a celebrity’s toilet, or did I imagine that. vlcsnap-00373

Another way in which the show was unusual was that it was produced by Hat Trick who were better known for making adult comedy shows including Have I Got News For You and Whose Line It Is Anyway and that definitely added to the weirdness, and there was some good voice talent on the show too. vlcsnap-00371

Round The Bend ran for three series and was occasionally repeated. Once again if ever a show should come out on DVD it’s this one. I remember watching it at the time on CITV and finding it fantastically weird.


2 thoughts on “CITV Memories – Round The Bend.

  1. meigui80 says:

    I remember this show too, I watched it on the children’s channel together with other favorites such as Round the Twist and Sharky and George. I was lucky to find the series again on YouTube! I remember being weirded out by it as a kid, though!

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  2. meigui80 says:

    Hello, I commented on this post before but wondering how I can give you a follow, as a lot of the stuff you post here I also have memories of 🙂


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